Australian Phuc Dat Bich 'honored' after name goes viral


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Phuc In Priceless...

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Haha that's awesome

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His name is pronounced Foo Da Beak.

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I wonder if he is related to the guys at my local Vietnamese restaurant? Wan Kin the waiter and his brother Poh Khin the chef?

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Had your friends a sojourn at the (now defunct) Chinese on Chelsea's Kings Road: Ho Lee Fook?

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And to think there was an article the other day about whether non-native cultures should consider the way names sound when naming their children. I'm from Orange County, CA, where adolescents get a giggle from opening up the phone directory to "Phuc" just to see how many ways it can be done.

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Opportunities for levity aside, I don't envy the gentleman; I imagine possessing such a name has been a colossal pain in the ass over the years. Good luck on job applications...

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Nobody's fault people can't pronounce his name right when they first see it... unless they're Vietnamese. But most English speakers will get a chuckle out of this.

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It's nothing but a chuckle, and he's treating it that way. Good on him!

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It's the old "Titles You May Have Missed In The Library" ("Yellow Streams" by I.P. Freely) but in real life. I wish the man well now that his problem has been globalized.

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How does Phoo Da Bi get romanized into Phuc Dat Bich anyway? Sounds even worse than the Kunrei romanization system for Japanese! Does everyone really need to put their own stink on everything? Just spell it like it sounds, for crying out loud!

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The husband and wife Youdai and Saiko Kira....

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Billy Birmingham would love it.

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Sadly, it has turned out this whole story was just a gee-up on the part of the Aussie guy who made the claim. He made the name up and the fake passport photo, and has stated that he wanted to expose the "stupidity" of Facebook and gullibility of media. It worked. There was even a BBC Vietnamese linguistics "expert" showing how to pronounce the bogus name correctly!

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Sadly, it has turned out this whole story was just a gee-up on the part of the Aussie guy who made the claim.

I find it more funny than sad. Nice little hoodwink.

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I love all the comments wagging their fingers on the pronunciation.

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