Australian PM blasts Erdogan for 'reckless', 'vile' Christchurch comments


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"This is not an isolated event, it is something more organised," Erdogan had said during a campaign event on Monday in Canakkale in western Turkey.

Vile man that he is (and it was despicable to show that footage), I have to agree with him on the above quote.

The onus now should be on tackling the language of hate, though, which inspires such acts. Not to add to the hate.

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Surely, the Turkish PM is responding to a hate crime-where’s the mutual understanding between countries?

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It sounds more like Erdogan is trying to instigate hate crimes while pandering to his Islamic base. He's as bad as any other populist politician you care to name. Australia might consider bringing their ambassador home for a few days for consultations.

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Turkey aids ISIS. Nuff said.

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Hmmmm....  These 2 countries have form.  Gallipoli anyone?

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gelendestrasse : "It sounds more like Erdogan is trying to instigate hate crimes while pandering to his Islamic base."

The Australian MP (Slogan ScoMo) has been spewing vile anti racist abuse at asylum seeker for the past 10 years calling them murderers, rapists, paedophiles, and criminals. This same Christian, God fearing man, has denied adequate medical treatment of asylum seeking women and children. This Australian PM has used the Muslin scare card to frighten the Australian public into advancing and supporting his white supremacist ideology and has divided the Nation. It is difficult to know how many have been radicalised by Slogan ScoMo, the so-called PM, and now he wants to blame "Social Media". Slowly the Australian voters are waking up to this whits supremacist.

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Erdogan had also warned that anti-Muslim Australians would be "sent back in coffins" like their grandfathers at Gallipoli,

Not surprising coming from a man who not that long ago was urging Turks living in Europe to have 'more' babies (5/family) and that they were the future of europe (which btw sounds an awful lot like some sort of Great Replacement)

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this isnt the first time Turkey has used Gallipoli as an insult to those who fought against them. What they conveniently forget is they may have one that battle but they lost the war.

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Hey riperez, can you back up those claims? I highly doubt it..

What Erdogan says was insulting to both NZ and Australia, particularly to those of us who have served.We have come a long way since WW1, would be a shame for him to undo all that goodwill between the two countries.

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