Australian PM defends job amid reports of gov't rift


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Gillard: "I'm the best person to do this job"

Your fellow Aussies will decide that, madam.

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The worst decide the Australian Labour Party made was listen to polls and axe Kevin Rudd as leader. Although I currently dislike Julia Gillards policies and the way she snaked her way to the top job, if the ALP axe her as well I fear it will ultimately destroy any chance of gaining public support back for the next election. People don't just vote for a political party (although apparently we officially do), they vote for a strong leader to lead that party. The ALP has made the choice of Julia Gillard so I believe they must now keep her and make she show Australia her value. She shouldn't think to win the next election, but she may beable to stop a landslide defeat.

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forget about personals on which side of politics you fall-the pathetic thing here is that the high courst can just rule over the pm. and while we are talking about the powers to be, it should be noted that britains little rep has the same sort of authority. it stinks. australia should get out of the commonwealth, may God do with your queen of the pansies whatever he wills. Lord how long.

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At least Aussies live in a democracy and can complain and do something about their ELECTED officials, because I know many people from Cuba and well, what elected officials?? Complain? Sure and end up cutting sugar out in the hot sun for the rest of your life if YOU ARE LUCKY. So Aussies, enjoy your beautiful new red head better lookin than Kevin right??

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