Australian PM makes final major campaign pitch


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I wish to suggest if you get your information from the Murdock press the Telegraph it is very bias supporting the opposition in a debate that had Kevin Rudd, Labor, ahead by 56% on national T V the press reported labor was behind in all of its policies in the debate so the facts don't add up Labor will win this election because it is a better manager . At early polling most voters are accepting Labor how to vote cards above all other parties,

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Don't worry Ron. Australian voters are not dumber. If you believe Labor will win and then put your money on Kevin Rudd. Kevin Rudd, Labor and its supporters are obsessing News papers.

Australian voters know who is liar and who incompetent politician was. I can't wait to see the Election result on 7/9. I don't blame Rupert Murdoch he does not support Kevin this time because now he knew who Kevin Rudd was. Everybody read and watched Labor Ministers and MPs came out one by one and criticized on Kevin Rudd's character on TV and News Paper. No wise Businessman will gamble his pennies on incompetent PM. He promised he will never challenge to Julia Gillard but the man can not keep his words. How can we respect someone who does not respect for himself?

Thunderbolt has strike on Kevin Rudd, Chris Bowen and Penny Wong because God does not like liars. The Labor is continue lying and does not confess they make it up about $ 10 billions coalition budget “black hole” even Treasury Department Boss denied any involvement in checking on Coalition costing. Kevin Rudd and Labor do not have integrity.

Why Labor Caucus had removed Kevin Rudd from office in 2010 if Kevin Rudd was good Prime Minister?

Why Australian voters have to trust Kevin Rudd and vote for him as PM in 2013? Labor has made big mistake by recycling rejected PM Kevin Rudd and sacking PM Julia Gillard. I won’t be surprise if Labor becoming endangered species in Australia politic after 7/9.

Desperately Kevin Rudd is producing policy on the run without discussion with his cabinet members. It’s telling us new Kevin Rudd is same old Kevin Rudd. He will do whatever it can keep him as PM.

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Labor is gone Ronnie, they are facing annihilation. The sooner you accept it the lesser the inevitable blow will be, and the sooner you realise that an enforced rebuild is necessary for the Party to win back the disenfranchised who despise the fact they have shifted away from their ideological foundations.

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