Australian PM orders crackdown on visas for radical preachers


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Abbott, who recently warned that the balance between freedom and security “may have to shift” to protect against radicalised Muslims seeking to carry out attacks, said hate preachers would now be “red-carded” during the visa process.

"red carded" during the visa process?? First we had "Team Australia" now we have "red cards' and previously the immigration department "refereeing" on decisions..... Why do Australians always need difficult topics presented in sporting terms??

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Because even people who have no interest in ball sports like me (with the exception Women's Beach Volleyball) still can guess the meaning of "red card".

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Good move Mr Abbott, now get rid of the ones you already have.

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Good. These third-rate wannabes have done enough damage.

Now, can we do these same for the Saudi Talibling and their intolerant Wahhabi without bankrupting the planet?

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Taking a strong stance against these Muslim extremist wanna be, or a real one in fact is a step in the right direction for any country security. These Muslim extremists are striving on the openness and loop holes in the West. In their hearts and minds, only Sharia (Allah's law) is supreme, and they should free to do so in their domains, or caves; and not in modern civilization.

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Good move but kind of 20 years overdue.

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Very much too late, but better late than never. And I hope they stick to their guns and don´t cave to the predictable cries of "discrimination".

Also, mosques need to be monitored to check what is actually preached there. Very much like is done in Turkey and Azerbeijan, where islamic teaching is controlled by the state.

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It's long overdue!- I only wish the rest of the world woke up to the true meaning of Islam,in which Allah rules ALL & there can be No Dissent !

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Because Wahhabism has no place in any Western country, and should be ejected from those countries. Britain is such a nice place now, but 200 years from now it will be a very different place, due to its stance on allowing lots of muslims in, even ones that are dangerous to its society and future.

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