Australian PM Rudd battles Murdoch press


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The sooner the election comes and goes the sooner this little, unimportant man disappears and Labor can rebuild from the ashes it sees itself in right now. Tony Abbott must be loving it right now, and so he should.. He'll serve at least two terms in office. Enough time to right some wrongs and get the country back on track.

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Oh ! oozy Ken this government the Labor government has the best credentials of the majority of the countries of the world as they have managed to keep Australia out of the recession and working . Murdoch attitude to other governments was shameful and his attitude to the Australian Labor government is deplorable. When Labor wins on this Saturday he will want to step very carefully with a better balanced media or their will be a major paper less in Australia.

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More vague and delusional catch-phrases from a Liberal Party stooge. The Australian economy remains strong and unemployment low under the Labor government. The Liberal leader Abbot is by his own admission compulsive liar who's been shielded from any scrutiny by the Murdoch Press and its smear campaign against Labor.

If Abbot gets in, the Australian economy will be in recession before the end of his parties first term of government, as he shifts more of the nations wealth from its average citizens to his corporate backers. Abbot is incapable of thinking on his feet, runs away from press conferences when the questions gets hard or avoids them altogether, and quite frankly isn't too bright. He has neither the character nor the ability to be the nations leader.

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@ OzKen - yeah sure, Tony will "get the country back on track". Towing the boats "back to where they came from". Spending hundreds of millions of dollars to buy the people-smugglers boats in an attempt to stop them. Throwing a fortune at building drone planes to protect us from terror (actually, I think he was forced to retract this nonsense plan a couple days back). Building an national internet system that will be the laughing-stock of the third-world.

Nobel-prize winning economists are stating how Australias economy has weathered the storm almost alone in the developed world - yet people want to put this failed priest and buffoon Abbott into power? Definitely worried about my country post next weekend...

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Why Kevin Rudd was forcefully removed from his job as Prime Minister by his own Labor Caucus members in 2010 if he was good Prime Minister?

Why his own Labor Cabinet Ministers came out one by one and talk to reporters about Kevin Rudd's character and Kevin Rudd as their worst nightmare?

Dear Ron Barnes, SecularBeast and BurakuminDes,

Please, answer me with honest, wise and intelligently.

I have voted for Labor since 1990 and I have never been voted for Liberal or National. I vote for Labor in 2007 because I though Kevin Rudd has new idea and integrity but his new idea was joyride on VIP Jet and flying around the world and staying in President Suit at Five Star Hotel at Tax payers’ money.

Labor supporters said Kevin Rudd and Labor had save Australian economy from recession in 2009 but in fact Kevin Rudd or Labor did not save from country recession except they let debt growing to 200 billions dollars and will reach 300 billions dollars in 2017. The Economic stimulus package was not needed in 2009.

If you check Kevin Rudd and Labor Government economic stimulus program and it track record and then you can understand why Kevin Rudd and Labor Government do not save Australia from recession.

Almost all projects which Labor Government carried out as economic stimulus scheme have failed, wasted and ripped off by Government contractors. Some of funds are not been used because Government has stop like Home Insulation Scheme. The Government was still sending Cheque from $ 600 to $ 900 to peoples who are living and working in overseas until couple of weeks ago. That money was supposed to be spent in Australia for to stimulus Australia economy. Some peoples in Australia are yet to cash in. Labor Government minister has misleading about Home Insulation program which Government claimed as successful even though the scheme was stop in half way and lost three young lives and over 200 homes were went up in flame. Safety checks on insulation installed houses are yet to carry out and it will cost up to $ 200 millions. Same fate happened to School building revolution scheme. Actually most of Australian homes have insulation installed and do not need new one. It’s wasted of money. Also home owners are left with worry about fire and their lives. The $ 300 billions debt shows how Labor Government has mismanaging on nation strong economy which was left by Howard – Costello Coalition Government.

Only Tony Abbott and Coalition can save Australian peoples from nightmare which created by Kevin Rudd – Julia Gillard Labor Government between 2007 and 2013.

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Kobuta, you've got all the Liberal Party talking points down pat. If you broadened your media horizons beyond the bubble of right-wing shock-jocks, the Murdoch Press, and Liberal Party propaganda, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the issues you raise, rather than the one-eyed view you currently take. If you can't do that, then you are either willfully ignorant or a Liberal Party member.

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Well done Kobuta Chan. Facts are facts and you have provided many which cannot be disputed. Allow me just to add a few things. What about the set-top box scheme as well - $300M down the drain there. And how about the Mining Tax which accrued next to nothing but in all their wisdom the ALP govt decided to borrow and spend money they thought they would get from it. Who does that kind of thing in the real world and gets away with it?

What about the Carbon Tax, something they promised not to introduce but did anyway against the wishes of a majority which killed the confidence of all small and medium sized businesses. What about the Pacific Solution which was working perfectly to begin with that was inexplicably flattened for no reason other than it was an LNP policy. 50,000 asylum seekers and economic refugees later and there is Rudd feverishly coming to an agreement with PNG in which the detail of it was written on two little bits of paper and no means to make any of the money given to the PNG from this agreement accountable in any way.

Let's never forget the Craig Thomson episode. Using Union funds to pay for prostitutes among another hundred odd charges he now faces. Despite mounting evidence against him, and shamelessly using parliamentary privilege to deny any wrongdoing, the ALP still continued to support this man despite very heavy public opinion against him.

It could go on - the failures, the lies, the wastage over the last six years and now we've been presented with Rudd and his third string ministerial cabinet because most refuse to work with him, yet people still want them re-elected. That shows you why voting should not be compulsory in this country. People can't be trusted to make the correct judgement and they wouldn't bother going to a polling booth if they didn't have to..

As for the alleged bias in the media in this country, if I remember correctly some of these News Corp publications welcomed the change in govt in 2007. I remember reading editorials at the time which stated as much. Why there is such heavy anti-Labor sentiment this time round is because that is the sentiment shared by the majority of Australians - they are sick and tired of the circus. Not only is it the Murdoch press who are against Rudd, even Fairfax Media have turned on him. Even ALP hardman Graham Richardson has had enough.

Now, 2 more days and these incompetents are out...

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