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Australian PM Rudd hires Obama strategists to help him get re-elected


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I bet these hirings don't come cheap.

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there's no strategies involved in getting oneself elected... just keep your promises, do what you say you'd do and don't lie.

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"“I’ve always been a strong supporter of President Obama, both in his leadership in the world, also his message to the American people..."

**What message to the American people?

It sounds like Rudd doesn;t even follow US politics. **

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Pretty soon these guys will have agents.

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Is he that desperate?

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What Rudd needs to do is arrange a global apology tour for Australia. It also wouldn't hurt if he found a black ancestor or two in his family tree. Aussies are known around the world for embracing cultural diversity.


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"the best brains in the world"

They must be, they got Obama re-elected, didn't they?

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do what you say you'd do and don't lie....

I remember what my grandmother would say about politicians: "They would lie when the truth would do." If they can do it with a straight face and not get caught then they get re-elected.

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Gillard hired Blair bagman...Rudd hires Obama bagmen..not an original thought between the two of them!

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Politicians are often professional liars and to get re-elected they lie more and hire better liars than they.

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Obama is a product of the corrupt Chicago political machine. What is Rudd a product of? Or is he just trying to remake himself into a clone of Obama?

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I don't know whether they can change Kevin Rudd bad habit and bad governing style. Kevin Rudd is worst PM than Julia Gillard. Next generation of Australians will have to pay Kevin Rudd and Labor's Debt for life if Labor wins in coming election. Kevin Rudd has no policy what he doing was copying and modifying Coalition idea and policy. He only interesting in flying out to big city with Australian Prime Minister plane and staying in expensive suit at Five Star Hotel at Australian Tax payer' money as much as possible. Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard Government wasted over 60 Billions dollars on non productive project. The Labor blew out 11 billions dollars on illegal asylum seekers boat arrival. 43 Billions dollar NBN (National Broadband Network) project for population of 21 millions but it has failed to deliver as its target and only roughly 2% of household were received NBN connection with problem. Can they fix Labor problem? They need to make him wise first. Kevin Rudd said he never contests Labor leadership against Julia Gillard again but he did it. He undermined Julia Gillard leadership. Prime Minister means everything is free for Kevin Rudd and his wife. How can I trust the man who can not keep his word? Kevin Rudd is male but he was not man.

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