Australian PM 'very confident' signals are from missing jet


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Tony is always 'very confident'....any chance to geed his talking head before the international media. The actual organizations conducting the search are not making such huge proclammations as yet.

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How much has he been paid to be so sure when the ones actually doing the searching have reported the contrary?

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We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

This is what me must expect in this catastrophe...

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If he failed, it will take a huge while to search. Since the wreckage hasn't been found, we don't even know if this is definitely the resting place of MH370.

Since it skirted Indonesia which apparently to avoid radar detection and without doubt, this is terrorism, finding the plane's black box is extremely important because I really want to safe is flying today?

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Still safer than driving.

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This is a new episode of the drama "as the World turns". All a pretense when the planners know every piece of information about it. The media feeds garbage to the people, garbage is what they believe.

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From the moment this plane went missing, I feared it went under the ocean intact like a disaster film I watched as a teenager. Since no debris has been found, this could be a possibility. Wouldn't this be the most amazing miracle if the plane was intact, and airtight, and the people alive? We can still have hope!

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"Wouldn't this be the most amazing miracle if the plane was intact, and airtight, and the people alive? We can still have hope!"

Unfortunately the oxygen would have run out long before.

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Wouldn't this be the most amazing miracle if the plane was intact, and airtight, and the people alive? We can still have hope!

Yes, it WOULD be a miracle. Even ignoring the fact that an airplane fuselage is designed to keep pressure IN, not out (I doubt the fuselage could remain intact only a hundred feet under the ocean - never mind thousands of feet down), there's still the problem of breathable air.

239 people breathing the air trapped in the fuselage would quickly deplete the oxygen and rapidly increase the carbon dioxide. Within 24 hours of becoming submerged, the air would be toxic to humans due to carbon dioxide poisoning. Having the passengers found alive after spending a month under the ocean with no food or water would finally get me to acknowledge the existence of a miracle-performing God.

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Time for a reality check. Believe me, if the plane is somehow in one piece 4,500 meters under the ocean, sorry to say but the passengers aren't sitting there enjoying the inflight service. Let's just hope they find what happened and how.

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When the Australian prime minister says anything ,Never believe him ,as he always puts the spin onto things to be of some advantage to him. If communications at the gap were any good they would have had it the next day. not saying much for the Americans Security systems. There seems to be something terribly wrong with what actually happened to this plane it could be possibly a cover up for some military mishap.. Nothing adds up While searching for the planes wreckage any material found in satellite imaging should be removed while at the area being searched.. This clean up should be bi lateral by all searching governments and as a joint exercise would help bond nations.

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Let's hope they can finally find this thing and figure out the human factor behind the crash.

At least it would seem that the Australian PMs confidence is not so misplaced as that of Malaysia as to where the plane was supposed, by them,to have crashed.

Also the timing couldn't be better.

The goodwill from helping the Chinese find their hundred or so victims from the missing Malaysian Airlines flight will assist Australia in securing further trade and military agreements with China.

Personally I am more interested in hearing what actually happened than the political windfall. The number of 'this is how it must have whappened!' stories in the MSM, all contradictory with each other and the facts (as known so far) has been a little obscene.

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