Australian police storm Hells Angels' hideouts


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WOW!! The HA in Oz?? Good on Australia! When will my stupid country, THE USA learn from good old Australia on how to deal with bastard criminal gangs like these loosers on their hogs?? Never?? But very happy for Australia!

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Elbuda, Australia has very little gun crime, but most of it can be traced back to these biker gangs. Thankfully they've been mostly shooting each other and not the general populace, but they've been importing these guns from places like Mexico and the US. I think it's important the police crack down on them before they start selling these weapons onto common criminals and things get worse.

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I believe you about guns from the USA but actually Mexico is inundated by illegals guns, mostly from the USA! Many of the AK 47s are Made in China but completely legal in the USA but super illegal south of the border but do hope Australia does not become another Newark, New Jersey or Ciudad Juárez!!

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Two things. First @elbuda mexicano, most guns in Mexico are not from the US. The vast majority arrive from Central and South America and move north. Second, if you have not seen it, the Australian series, Underbelly is an awesome true crime series. It is well worth the watch.

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Biker gangs linked to organised crime are a growing problem across Australia, with a mass brawl on the Gold Coast last month prompting Queensland state police to vow to kick them out of the state.

Biker gangs are no more a problem now than they have ever been just as police corruption and intimidation in Australian states hasn't changed

As part of that pledge, new laws are being drafted in Queensland to ban motorcyclists riding in groups of three or more to stop them using numbers to intimidate.

And what about friends simply out for a ride on the weekend who are unrelated to bikie gangs??..... way to go Australia - keep the fear cranked up as your nanny state deprives you of simple democratic rights

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Mad Max, now non-fiction.

Those HA gang members likely get their guns & ammo the same way they get the drugs, black market.

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Many of the AK 47s are Made in China but completely legal in the USA

No that is false, the US bans the importation of Chinese firearms. Canadians on the other hand do not.

M1 carbine assault rifles

Just an education lesson: M1s are not assault rifles they don't have a selective fire mode and so are not assault rifles. Now M2s on the other hand do have a selective fire mode and thus are assault rifles.

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