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Australian prime minister explains why he vetoed Rudd's bid for top U.N. job


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Rudd is a bad tempered control freak! that's not the temperament of the highest diplomatic position in the world. Its no wonder the Australian government didn't endorse him.

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So it's not that he felt like being petty and vindictive towards a former adversary, then. That's good.

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Yes Rudd that gov got voted the best economist / economy run in the world? Nope not good for the job.

Let's get it clear. Over the same time frame the lib's made more from new / taxes then the debt he put us in to stay afloat and save jobs.

Lib's only vote for lib's and when labor get's back in they need to do the same.

The lib's are like republicans in America....Scum.

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Rudd san got kicked out twice as Prime Minister of Australia. He proofed himself to be as useful as the dirt under ones fingernail. Some of his initiatives were total disasters, wasting billions of $$$$. Freakish temperamental at times and unpredictable to say the least. A nightmare of any crew member of the Air Force plane that carted him around. And to top it of he demands a comfortable, well paid and totally useless position with the UN. Certainly the best decision Turnbull has come up with up to now.

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@Sapporodenki Your right but wrong.

Rudd spent most of it on infrastructure. Things like school buildings shouldn't have been done.

Infrastructure is very important, so what he did helped save money down the track.

Rudd did spend mass billions on roads, and we still need more now.

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Rudd kept Australia working when no other government could and many are jealous because of it Especially The Liberal nationals that attack labor all the way through well Karma is great as now we almost have a hung parliament now its the people power that will pass or fail this government that got in on 47% of the total vote Their is bad blood between these 2 politicians that should not be held against Rudd as he was a winner and Turnbull is a failure as was Abbott.

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Honestly - the Left love harping on about Abbott but the delightful Rudd-Gillard duo did so much damage to the Australian economy that'll it'll be sinking in debt for the next 20-30 years. Absolute trainwreck. Labour - much like the Greens - haven't seen good fiscal policy in quite sometime. Wouldn't know it if it hit them.

Rudd is bad news.

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@Northernlife mate the lib's 2 taxes have cost us 5* more then that in only 6 years.

Small biz profit tax made then $65 billion pa to spend on infrastructure, why they banked there original infrastructure budget money and made surplus.

GST tax saved then $10 - $20 billion pa from not baling state gov out "+" the states made billions more.

Lib's said they would cut other taxes and said work pay ta would drop by 50%.......It was $10.

Funny how people has that, but yet the lib's have cost us 10 times more in only 6 years time frame.

Feel free to reply

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@oblique yeah and how could labour stuff up with all the resource taxes during the mining boom years, they didnt save enough, overspent during that time , now the Libs have to clean up their mess. Rudd and Gillard were both F useless.

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obliqueweapons. Kevin Rudd Government's spent $ 16.2 Billions on Building the Education Revolution program and wasted $ 14.2 Billions on refurbishing and building new hall and class room that was supervise by then education minister Julia Gillard. That BER program was ending with rotting by contractors. Most Schools were left with useless small kitchen and small hall and some building even don’t finish. Also please, name me which road project Kevin Rudd had spent billions of dollars? Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard were worst Prime Ministers of Australia. Malcolm Turnbull will join them soon. I believed Malcolm Turnbull has given some hope to Kevin Rudd for his bid for UN General Secretary post but Malcolm Turnbull can’t go against conservative back benchers MPs. Malcolm Turnbull was coward and he can’t be trusted. It was Kevin Rudd’s mistake. Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t have policy and he doesn’t know how to implement the free trade agreement with China, Japan and S. Korea that he hijacked from former PM Tony Abbott and made that his own. Malcolm Turnbull has to rely on Scott Morrison, Julie Bishop and other experience Tony Abbott’s Ministers. His choice Ministers are all learners and they don’t know how to work with their department. So peoples called Malcolm Turnbull Government as do nothing Government. He will join the worst PM of Australia Club with Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. Malcolm Turnbull is wealthy but it doesn’t mean he can be good Prime Minister..

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Yep he did waist billions, but the other party covers up that stuff.

Yes stop the boats but yet they passed a law not letting they media report it?

By the way 4 months after that law passed 1 did leaked out about a boat that made it and crashed....Boats are still coming, and they are braking International law trying to stop them. Lib's are evil and brake laws to try do things, that's why they are so corrupt.

$80 billion in new income and taxes each year from lib's 2 new taxes. How could AU go wrong?

Lib's cost us $580 billion over 7 years to labour $135 billion.

Labour got voted the best economy handling in the world under Rudd. That goes for all rattings and cap like that.

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