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Australian prime minister snubs Dalai Lama


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So l guess the Japanese PM was equally gutless when he declined to meet the Dalai Lama a couple of years ago?

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Shameful. Obama had the Dalai Lama to the White House, as did GW Bush. I guess Australians like her just care about money.

"Brown criticized Gillard for failing to meet the Dalai Lama while her office door was open to mining executives."

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Whats so shameful about it? Its a leaders choice who they meet. And while we are quoting things heres one for you.

"The Dalai Lama is a frequent visitor to Australia, I think he's been here four times in the last five years," she told reporters. "On some occasions he's met with the prime minister, on others he has'nt"

By the way while he didnt meet the PM he did meet members of the ruling government so whats the big deal?

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It's hard to tell if this was just a routine "non-event" or not.....seems that anyone could at any time bring up the China angle when a leader doesn't meet the Dalai Lama.

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just about what i'd expect from down under.

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If the Dalai Lama came out against whale hunting, she'd probably meet him.

Goes to google it.

The Dalai Lama said he had told the U.S.-based Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to remain non-violent in its behavior towards Japan's whaling fleet.

"One time I wrote [in] a letter... their activities should be stopping," he told reporters.

Oh, I see now.

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"The Dalai Lama said he wasn’t disappointed. He seemed to know little about Gillard—including her gender."


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Since PM John Howard ,Australia does not have another great political leader ,yet. The current situation is a real mess for a democratic government to function properly, you don't actually know who make important decision anymore, Gillard? Brown? or Independents? Australia NEEDS a new election.

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not a big dilemma.

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Pretty sexist of him to assume the PM is a man. Perhaps if he wanted to meet her, he could have done a little research?

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tmarieJun. 15, 2011 - 07:43AM JST. Pretty sexist of him to assume the PM is a man. Perhaps if he wanted to meet her, he could have done a little research?

Dalai Lama was correct in assuming Gellard had balls....which she has in making a decision of not meeting him.

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Who is Dali Lama?? Oh,I got it......he was the 'Ayatollah Kohmeni the same kind of theocracy fabricated for political propaganda purposes in western world!' Luckily no Chinese buy that nonsense!

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he warned Australia of the ecological dangers of its current mining boom and its burgeoning trade in raw materials exported to China............................Oh, thats shocking!!! Must be some countries in western world jealous China's control of Australia mines and thet see China is going to swallow the aussie like they done in Africa!!!

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