Australian PM stands by minister accused of rape


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So there’s much more behind that case? Usually, you let such a buddy fall out of your safe hands like a too hot potato, don’t you?

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. Not the brightest of political moves, but he is an Evangelist Christian so all can be forgiven?

Ministers name will come out eventually and he will be shredded by the press about the following next cases.

Far from over.

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We are not human lie detectors. This will never be proven one way or the other. Many women in other countries have come forward to accuse powerful men of sex crimes years later (such as Mr. Trump, Mr. Biden, Judge Kavanaugh, Judge Roy Moore, and recently Governor Cuomo in New York.) I am sure there must be such hidden accusations against Japanese politicians waiting to come out. Some claims may be true, and then there are claims by emotionally disturbed persons seeking something - perhaps 15 minutes of fame or a quiet Stormy Daniels-sized payoff. When Justin Bieber was still a minor, some crazy woman filed a paternity suit claiming she sneaked backstage and had sex with him in a closet and he impregnated her. After a week of bizarre news coverage and then being told his client could face statutory rape claims, the paternity suit lawyer abruptly withdrew his representation and the claim died and went away. I will always reserve judgment until there has been an adjudication (Bill Cosby for sexual assaults, Hunter Biden for paternity tests).

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Well if your going to stand by/up for a rapist, best to blame the victim. Or it's red cheeks all around.

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“Sitting around that table erodes the trust, the integrity and belief that this government takes sexual assault seriously,” she added.

No one knows if the man is guilty or innocent. There has been no investigation as of yet. If the police announce an investigation then there will be something to argue over. I think as well that just because the accuser is dead doesn’t mean that the allegations cannot be investigated. Just makes it much harder to prove anything one way or the other. It’s a shame the women took her own life and decided not to go to the police years ago when it could have been resolved and she possibly could have gotten to the point that she could cope with her life.

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Monday stood by an unnamed cabinet minister against calls for him to step down from office over an allegation that he raped a 16-year-old girl more than 30 years ago.

The allegation has created a cloud hanging over the 16 men in Morrison’s 22-minister cabinet and feeds complaints of a culture within Parliament that is toxic for women.

The allegation was contained in an anonymous letter sent to the prime minister’s office and to three female lawmakers last week.

This is an absolutely stunning statement that crystallizes just how insane cancel culture has become.

A sudden 30 year-old claim by an unnamed, anonymous complainant.

And the accusatory clickbait headline "Australian PM "stands by" minister accused of Rape" like the whole story was verified and set in stone.

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