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Australian state extends state of emergency as coronavirus cases surge

By Sonali Paul

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This shows how hard it is to control the coronavirus, it just takes too much to fully prevent spread. Considering that the fatality rate is not as bad as previously thought, much of the world has pretty much given up on strict social distancing and stay at home orders, and going back to normal.

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With all the precautions that have been taken so far, let's never forget that it seems we have a) *mostly saved our hospitals from being overwhelmed (first time around), and b) bought time for the advancement of anti-viral treatments.

*In Italy however and elsewhere, doctors were forced to choose between which patients to save and which patients to abandon.

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The other Australian states have managed to get things under control, so Victoria is an outlier. Hopefully they can do a better job of stamping out these clusters that have emerged.

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How is that a surge? Australia does not need a lockdown

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Recent cases have been from returning citizens and permanent residents and some community infections of fools congregating in large groups.

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