Australian state to declare Hells Angels a criminal organization


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This will be interesting!

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Means nothing ! Hells Angels will carry on so will any other criminal gang, crimminals dont care about legislation.

Dick heads with no idea making meaningless laws again.

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For ExportExpert..... "Dick heads with no idea making meaningless laws again." As for your "meaningless" comment, what exactly would you recommend be a democracy such as Australia??

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while I agree that this is cutting to the chase, I have a thing for the expression meaningless, sounds like youre saying dickhead in Australian---so in Australia you might realize that regulating more doesnt really mean anything. But in any democracy that would be true. Whats your point.

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Something tells me some of the members of such clubs already likely have had run-ins with the law. Don't really think some law will dissuade any of the offending individuals. How about just catching those who actually commit a crime.

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Means nothing ! Hells Angels will carry on so will any other criminal gang, crimminals dont care about legislation.

Actually it means everything. Until this law is passed, the Hell's Angels are NOT an illegal gang and as such could not be acted on by the police. If passed as described, the police could start to arrest members for riding as a group with whatever "colors" they have decided on for that week. (Once "colors" have been made illegal, the wearers tend to change it every week or so to keep the police off their butts.) The law would force the Hell's Angels to change their way of operating. How does that equate to a "meaningless law"? (Answer: It doesn't.)

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It's surely only going to make more people want to join. Let's face it, your average Hell's Angel is probably going to think it's cool being even more of an outlaw.

How come the Nomads get a free ride anyway?

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What took them so long? And yeah, the Nomads and some of the other gangs are no better. Just organized crime on bikes....

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ExportExpert: "Dick heads with no idea making meaningless laws again."

We know you kiwis tend to dislike Australian come-uppins, but what do you suggest they do instead? give Hell's Angels popcorn and free reign to shoot up any shop they like? Sounds like the only 'dick head' here is someone who thinks this is not a step forward, small as it may be.

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What religion are Hell's Angels?

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@ NudgeNudge, They're Christian Satanists?

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My previous comment was in humor for thos that didn't realise it. One more thing, Hells Angels bikers don't run around under a banner of religious promotion nudge, so its pretty moot. They can come from all walks of life, some may claim to be christian, buddist, athiest, wiccan or what have you. All they did was join a biker gang.

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