Australian teenager charged with plotting ANZAC Day terror attack


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The teen’s home was searched, but Scipione declined to say if anything was seized. He would not release any other >>details of the alleged plot.

I found weird nothing was disclosed by the police if the teenager is believed by the same police as acting alone, you better have serious evidences if you plan to give life sentence someone only on "plotting".

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@CItizen2012 Yes plotting terrorism is enough to get life in prison in Australia the laws are in place to protect the people not to help would be terrorist.Nothing weird about the police not disclosing anything as it will all come out in court where substantial evidence will have to be given.Good on Australia for taking such steps to try to prevent terrorism.

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We seem to be seeing "teenager" and "terrorism" together in the same sentence in Australia of late.

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Good work by the police to head it off quickly. Unfortunately there are too many second-generation muslims in Australia who fall prey to the idiots who spout their hatred and islamic nonsense. Islam is a disease that festers in every country it enters. Thankfully it is only a microscopic presence in Japan.

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"We seem to be seeing "teenager" and "terrorism" together in the same sentence in Australia of late."

"Islam/Islamic/Muslim" very often finds its way into these sentences too.

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