Australian think tank says there are 380 detention camps in Xinjiang


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China wants to be the world leader. Their example? Detain ethnic minorities and force them to be more like you or remain imprisoned. Force sterilizations on the ethnic minorities so their birth rate plummets, that is akin to ethnic extermination. You may not have long to wait for such a detention camp to open up in a suburb near you, if they get their way.

Perhaps countries should work together to ensure China does not get its way.

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This topic, Hongkong, Taiwan, Tibet, Tiananmen massacre, Culture Revolution, South China Sea Disputes, all the Viruses they gave to the world...etc. etc...

How much more the world needs to see before it wakes up and stand against this nonstop talking lies and biggest bully country?

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China wants to be thought of as a world leader to stroke their ego and the CCP's. They like the spotlight, but can't stand the heat.

As a member of the 'Anglosphere' we have a saying: if you've got nothing to hide, then show me everything.

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China appeared to be expanding its network of secret detention centers in Xinjiang

I am not sure if these are secret. They are blatant detention centers without access.

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"China appeared to be expanding its network of secret detention centers

Is there an alien invasion forthcoming that the rest of the world doesn't know about. Seriously who is China aiming to fight and especially when no countries out there are interested in fighting to begin with? What is it they are after by mimicing videos to blow up US bases, US Pacific allies and all the heavy missiles being launched because last I saw on either Internet or media is other countries building up military grade weapons to attack China. Has anyone? So who are they fighting, The Middle East peace deal is brokered to keep peace not war

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Japan today must be Chinese communist sympathizers as they have deleted my comment twice!

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It's got to the point where current events in China are mimicking Europe in the thirties.

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Is China trying to be the new world super villain? Cuz that's how you become a super villain.

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Isolate China and the CCP, no trade, nothing in, nothing out, it will be tough if we do that, but tougher if we don't !

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And yet China (and many around the world) want to convince everyone that Japan is the "aggressor" in that nation, and "only" Japan has ever done wrong in the past.

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Japan's past does not define its future.

Actions speak louder than words and China's actions do not match its words. China's actions say they are not to be trusted and they lie to cover their intentions and actions. Benevolent words require benevolent actions not a massive military buildup. Threats against people who do not wish to be ruled by the CCP. Coercion against anyone with a differing position or opinion.

China's actions betray it, dont be fooled.

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