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Australian drug trafficker's mother begs Malaysia for mercy


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Nobody wears the constitution/rules of law of his or her country on his or her back. Follows the laws of the country in which a person resides or suffer the consequences. The problem in the world is not the users, it is the suppliers. Eliminate the supply of illegal drugs, and the demand will not increase, it will decrease. The price may go up, but the penalty for supplying will have the ultimate conssequence.

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Dumb people to be involved in hard drugs in this day and age, and dumber people to be involved in hard drugs while overseas in a foreign country, specially when that country has the death penalty. No Sympathy for stupid people doing dumb things.

Ok there is a small chance she maybe innocent but doubt it.

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She is not innocent...she was found in a car with drugs in it. She is guilty of that. This situation happens all of the time in the USA...and the police say, you should know that hanging around with these types of people are dangerous.

The issue is should this be a death penalty just for associating with the wrong people. Hopefully the hearing will weigh all of the evidence and find out who is responsible.

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I do not know what is written in an Australian passport, but in my U.S. passport there are two strong warnings. Item 6) obey the laws of the country you are visiting (paraphrased for length) 7) avoid all illegal drugs (paraphrased for length)

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"Mum, I’m sorry, I didn’t do it"

Mixed message. If she didn´t do it, what is she sorry for?

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"and one of her two male passengers Anthony Esikalam Ndidi, from Nigeria, has also been arrested and charged.

The second male, her boyfriend, is yet to be found."

Oh, she must be pregnant too then.

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She may well be innocent of KNOWING what was going on, but she was still indirectly a part even if that's the case.

WilliB: "Mixed message. If she didn´t do it, what is she sorry for?"

An apology is not always an admission of guilt. I'm not saying she was innocent, but if she were she may still apologize for embarrassment, pain, and trouble caused by what's probably about to happen (her hanging).

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I gave no pity for this doper. Do the crime, pay the price. Case closed.


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There aren't enough details here for me. Driving a car with drugs in it means responsibility/guilt for the drugs? I can think of so many explanations for this (picking up the wrong travel mate to carpool for example). But the boyfriend fleeing is suspicious I guess.

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"Driving a car with drugs in it means responsibility/guilt for the drugs? I can think of so many explanations for this "

Guilt by association.

White Oz girl hanging out with two Nigerian drug dealers in a country with draconian drug laws tends to suggest the Born to Lose tattoo is there somewhere.

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Is her boyfriend also Nigerian? I couldn't see that from the article

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No I was speculating like everyone else....

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Even if guilty, the death penalty is too extreme a punishment. Hell, even if she'd commited the mass murder of 300 people I still wouldn't stoop to the death penalty. Even if she'd killed a family member. Looking up at these comments though, I wonder if I have too much of a Utopian view on the world and its peoples.

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No idea if she's innocent, but for all the tough love posters here, be careful! Do you remember a few yrs ago the police tested their drug -detecting system (I think it included dogs) by putting REAL DRUGS in unsuspecting average passengers' baggage at Narita airport, then having the junior cops try and track it down?

Some was not found, and ppl brought it home! I think some went on to connecting flights! A big scandal few yrs ago. Knowing that, I would not want to go to Malaysia from Japan.

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This girl is in BIG trouble!!!.....wrong or right.......who knows??

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She's lucky she's in Malaysia. A sort of, kinda civilized Muslim country. (Not that I would ever go there.) Just a hanging. Perhaps in a different one she would be publicly stoned, or beheaded.

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Hanging is wrong

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she would be publicly stoned,

Stoned for doing drugs,, hmm punishment almost fits the crime.

But with that getting stoned has a totally different meaning.

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That is the price you pay for the alleged crime in these kinds of non-secular countries. Maybe the boyfriend set her up like in Nick Baker's case. Do not accept somebody else's luggage, even from your own mother-in-law. And do not leave it unattended either. Best is to hand carry only.

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I feel a bit sorry for her because I don't trust how well Malaysian law enforcement carries out their "investigations" besides having a drug sniffing dog. But there is a sucker born every minute and unfortunately they learn way too late that they've been trusting or hanging out with the completely wrong people.

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"But there is a sucker born every minute and unfortunately they learn way too late that they've been trusting or hanging out with the completely wrong people."

"It's morally wrong to allow a sucker to keep his money." - W.C Fields

I know a lot of car dealers that use that motto, but perhaps drug dealers swap money in that phrase for "liberty".

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Think the real drug sellers are protected by the Malaysian government and hanging the others prevents competition. It is also useful to those who have stop paying the protective money or get out of line.

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She may be only guilty of being with a Nigerian. She was travelling and so maybe met them at a guest house they want nothing better than a white face driving the car. Nigerians are famous for selling drugs in SEAsia. Interesting to see if her bf is also Nigerian? Oh and sorry is just a word for inconveniencing her mother doesn't mean she did it but was stupid enough to be close to those who did.

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A presumption of innocence SHOULD be the law of every nation. If Malaysia cannot PROVE that she was TRAFFICKING drugs, then, she should go free or face a different or lesser charge. The real culprit(s) may have been her boyfriend or the Nigerian.

Why hang someone if there is a possibility (no matter how slight) that they are innocent?

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Umioso Thank you For being Someone with sence. Most just jump on the band wagon rather than stand up for what is right. I don't know her or the facts 100% no but as it reads she was probably just being used as a pretty white girl to drive them around and look good. Fool she may be but probably not a drug dealer. The Nigerian no I am not rascist but they have a reputation for this kind of thing.

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