Australian tycoon calls Chinese government 'mongrels' in TV tirade


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He does sound a bit of a racist and he does have litigation reasons to be very angry. But as they say, even paranoids have enemies.

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If you read other new sites his anger was directed at the Chinese companies (which are Chinese government owned) that are trying to control Australian ports and Australias minereral resources. Palmers tirades are common, if you think he hates all Chinese because of a few at the top trying to control Australias mineral wealth youd be wrong!

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I've met countless nice Australians back home in England and in Japan, but there are an extraordinary number of racists, too.

Talk to a Kiwi about the Maoris, and you can see their eyes light up with pride and enthusiasm. Talk to an Aussie about Aboriginals, and the contempt is all too obvious. I thought the word "wog" has disappeared from the vocabulary till I spoke to a bloke from Queensland.

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He has a big mouth, but right on the target. Speaking the truth is liberating, for sure.

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Earlier this year, Citic Pacific president Zhang Jijing warned that legal issues with Palmer could have broader implications for Chinese business in Australia.

Ok, as Ossan points out, his comments do seem to have a racist undertone to them, but, the quote above gives some credance to his overall direction. Taken at face value the Citic President's comment just amounts to more Chinese bullying -- "if you don't give us what we want, we'll take our ball and go home".

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they want to take over this country

Actually that's not a bad idea. Give Australia to China in exchange for China dropping all their stupid claims in the Sea of the Phillipines, and everyone wins.

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The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed regret & disappointment at Mr. Palmer's remarks, pointing out that he had deeply wounded the feelings of the Chinese people who (as made clear by the Ministry of Public Tranquility) are very emotionally attached to the ancient Chinese customs of having tanks driven over their kids and of enjoying involuntary late-term abortions.

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If the Shoe FITS. the TRUTH sometimes HURTS.

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Funnily enough, old Clive still seems more than happy to do business with these "mongrels", invite them to his hotels and golf courses - and his preposterous Titanic 2 is currently being built by these "bastards" in a shipyard in Shanghai. I've got a feeling it will sink like the first version - along with his political career.

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Sheesh, imagine if a Japanese politician said something even less potentially offensive than what this tycoon said.

Days of riots and destruction of Japanese businesses and the like.

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lol! My brother was an oil rig worker for more than 20 years and worked for quite a few companies. But the only company he struggled to get his salary from was Sinopec, a Chinese owned company. They are notoriously bad when it comes to paying what they owe!!!

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Not surprised by the comments! Australia is the Mississippi of the West!

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To the illiterate commentator on this forum:

" also called the Chinese “bastards” who “want to take over this country”. That's the definition of racism.

The guy clearly is targeting not just the Chinese gov't but the Chinese nationals or immigrants in Australia. Its not his first outburst.

Don't forget, Australia's entire economic miracle was built on Chinese investments. I do mean the word entire. Its has pros and cons as Australia citizens and gov't benefits from higher purchasing power, salary, and real estate development, they also suffer from high inflation and high housing costs. But the pros clearly outweight the cons and this Palmer guy reaped billions of profits off the Chinese. And he has a reputation for being cheap on paying his own employees.

Pot meets the Kettle. He's just one fat corrupted billionaire complaining about a corrupted Chinese gov't. Its not even news. But the fact that he insulted an entire race of Chinese in the quoted statement, that's news.

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Sheesh, imagine if a Japanese politician said something even less potentially offensive than what this tycoon said.

You said a mouthful there oldman. These comments, made by a sitting member of Australian Parliament, are far worse than anything I've ever heard any Japanese politician say. Imagine the outcry on this site, and the broad brush painting of the Japanese people that would be going on right now. I venture to say this article would already have nearly one hundred comments.

I hope this means that we will no longer have to listen to faux outrage from certain Australian posters on this site until they've cleaned up their own house.

As for Mr Palmer's comments, its hard to argue with this part - they’re Communist, they shoot their own people, they haven’t got a justice system and they want to take over this country. In fact I applaud him for speaking the truth on this matter. However, given the fact that the article mentions he has turned over his own property to be pillaged by the communists in order to amass a vast personal fortune, its difficult to think of him as anything more than a hypocrite.

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True story:

A Kiwi friend of mine got a summer job picking grapes in Australia.After a couple of weeks he tried to get a drink in a pub but was told "We don't serve your sort". He was staggered that New Zealanders could be so discriminated against, and told the barman so in pretty blunt fashion.

It turned out the bar man had mistaken him, with his deep, dark suntan, for an Aboriginal.

This was in 2001.

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I think there is going to be a boycott of dingo meat in China.

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Like I said before......I'm not surprised by the racist comment, because Australia is the "Mississippi" of the West.

Here is the largest ever survey on Racism in Australia. The numbers are similar to Mississippi.

"Largest ever racism study finds ... Australians are Racist"

PS: For the second time today moderator, my statements were not off topic!

Moderator: They certainly are. Racism has nothing to do with this discussion.

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In my experience, talking to folk from all over the English-speaking world in Japan, Australians are by far the most racist.

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Guess he won't be getting that CCTV cable deal...

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Gotta give it to aussies , they speak it as they sees it, no whipped cream and strawberries, tell like it is, don't beat round the bush, straight to the point, aint that right cobber?

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He is very interested to make other Australian politicians look small while he is bearing next to nothing responsibility of what he said. He is ONLY aiming at Chinese government and giving them "fancy names" in order to get votes from frustrated Australians who do not get billion dollars profit from China like himself. Use them , abuse them...whatever...typical politician . If you think Chinese government might get hurt by this , think again.

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Isn't 'bastard' an affectionate term in Oz?

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LOL - Palmer complaining about people mining iron ore when iron ore prospects are virtually nonexistent through 2015 and oversupply is rampant at this point. I wonder why he doesn't mention that.

Look everyone, it's public news that Australian miners aren't doing so well, and he's lucky CITIC is mining from that place at all. There are plenty of other iron ore producers that would shell out big time to have people mine/buy their inventory. China is undoubtedly Australia's biggest customer for iron ore, and it's no wonder why others in Australia are coming to China's defense.

Not taking sides, just pointing out the irony of his situation.

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One user of Sina Weibo, a Chinese equivalent of Twitter, said he was “using nationalism and chauvinism to stir up Australian hostility to China". So... they recognize the tactic, just not when employed by the Chinese government. Interesting.

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He's talking about people who he says stole $200M (or $500M) from him and still won't pay up after arbitration and court rulings. With Chinese government threatening Australian business as a whole because of his suits. Seems he'd be allowed a bit of hyperbole.

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Hmm, hopefully more countries will start to realize that doing business with Chinese state owned companies is a bad idea. I know plenty of South American, Vietnamese, and Indian areas would be very happy to fill in that gap.

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I believe everything he is saying. China has a notorious track record for stealing money from businesses. When foreign businesses profit, they will claim some fake theft and try to take that money too. Look at what they are doing to foreign automakers in China. Saying that it is anti-monopoly laws. It's all Chinese B.S.

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@TravelingSales I salute you, sir.

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