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Australians hit by 'pay up or die' extortion text messages


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Most scams originate overseas

Wherever you live, this is what people think.

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Before you panic, think first:

Is your life worth $5,000 or more to anyone apart from yourself?

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Won't fly there, unlike here. People will be concerned and call the police before just blindly sending money.

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"Sum1 paid me to kill you"

I hate it when people text like that. It's the height of laziness. It should be "Someone paid me to kill you." Sheesh.

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Yes, Serrano, thank you for correcting the poor mail etiquette. The Grammar Police should be immediately dispatched to apprehend this individual.

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I bet a wild kangaroo is being used out in Nigeria to scare our poor naive amigos down under!

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Smells like a NIGERIAN SCAM!

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