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Australians rally against U.S. overturning of key abortion ruling


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Fair enough. The step backwards the supreme court has taken for American women is a disgrace.

Regulate deadly weapons and leave women to make their own choices regarding their bodies.

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Somehow I think this protest will fall on deaf ears, and rightly so.

These people are so poorly informed it's laughable. Do they not realise the decision merely reverts abortion laws back to individual states where they belong? Just like it is in Australia.

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And when we kill human beings, it's called murder.

This isn't opinion. It isn't even religious dogma. It's science. Undeniable, settled science.

Period. End of story.

What a load of emotional, incorrect nonsense.

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They’re really going to love the interpretation of the Constitution on gay marriage and any form of Privacy next year.

Nothing like religious fascists (3 geriatrics a Percy drunk and a religious zealot) telling you what rights you no longer have because they don’t like them.

Thank God one of the geriatrics is in an interracial marriage or mine might be at risk!

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Ridiculous protest. The Supreme court has given the choice back to the US states just as it is in Australia.

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the U.S. Supreme Court's overturning of women's constitutional right to abortion.

I gather that the constitution doesn’t actually say that there is such a right, so curious if this is editorializing or my info is wrong.

restoring the ability of individual states to ban abortion.

Kind of like any country in the world, or stopping at just imposing restrictions upon it.

"Everyone deserves the right to bodily autonomy".

Except, that is, fully formed babies not long from exiting the womb?

I find it really curious that people are shocked by news in Japan of young parents killing their newborn children, while other people elsewhere are demanding they have a “right” to kill what would be such a baby.

I gather most countries and US states are going to ban late term abortion, and I can’t say I am really surprised or disappointed by that.

Not such an unreasonable thing, I think? Early term abortion seems far more “acceptable”.

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Protesting legal verdicts in another country seems a bit odd.

I do agree w/ their point of view but save it for when you need to fight for your own rights. Aussies seem to like protesting a lot lately.

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Ridiculous protest. The Supreme court has given the choice back to the US states 

I’m sure that women all over America feel better now.

Why don’t you mansplain that to them?

“See honey, you haven’t really lost any rights. It’s just gone back to the State legislature to decide if you have body autonomy.”

I would advise wearing a cup if you do so.

One would hope that the nearly 70% of women who disagree with this decision,( including a majority of every political, ethnic and economic demographic) agree with my supposition that fundamental rights, taken away after 1/2 a century (based not on changes in society, new science or a compelling issue, but by the religious beliefs of judges) are rather more important than fluctuations in overall price levels, and will vote as such.

But given the recent trends, I’m not that hopeful.

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There are many medical and personal reason for abortion. It should be allowed until certain stage.

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These ruling are mute,lots of abortion are still happening in state where they have trigger ban,only to be tried again in the same court

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Freedom and democracy only if Religion permits it!

That what most western countries were and some still are!

Oh and the only religion that counts is the one with the most votes counted, (these same religious people are experts at finding ways to block the other from voting).

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I have to laugh about this! No where in the US constitution does it say its a right to have abortion. Women were also not stripped of rights either. It is still legal to get an abortion in the US but it all depends on each state's laws. I just see this as a killing for whatever state decides to fill that demand from states that dont want abortions. Don't care what Aussies think about whats going on in my country. Honestly I dont care what the rioters in the US think about it either since watch cideo of the protests, those complaining the hardest are very likely not likely to get impregnated. (o

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Australia you should worry about your own draconian lockdowns and stripping people of their personal freedoms. I think for many, they have not seen or heard about the pulling out of lim, an arm or a leg on later term abortions. There is a heartbeat in there. When I heard a doctor describe in details years ago in front of congress, it was enough to make me rethink my stance. There is a video of him and how he describes putting body parts on the table, etc. This video should be part of sex education classes for both men and women. When I was younger, I was pro choice. You could say Ignorance is bliss. Morning after pills should be widely available. Might be a middle ground for the two sides that are deeply divided.

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