Nearly 2 million Australians download coronavirus tracing app within hours of its release


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Now that's Australia.

How about Japan?

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Western Australia will allow indoor and outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people...

These revised restrictions aimed to lift community spirits and is seen as the first step to kick start the real estate industry. Specifically, a maximum of 10 people will be allowed at such essential gatherings as weddings, funerals, home opens and display inspections (based on good physical distancing and hand hygiene), and outdoor personal training (subject to no training equipment is to be shared). Other than that, everything else remains the same.

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an app designed to help medical workers and state governments trace close contacts of COVID-19 patients

Will it only ever be used for pandemics???

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1.13 million Australians downloaded the tracing app CovidSafe as of 6 a.m. on Monday, nearly 4.5% of the country's population.

They originally said they needed 40% to download the app, or they'd make it compulsory. I think it's fair to say that adverse public reaction to the "compulsory" bit forced a backdown on that. I still haven't downloaded it, and I'm not sure that I will.

The surge in downloads come as a Newspoll conducted for The Australian newspaper showed Morrison enjoyed the best approval rating for a leader since end-2008.

Morrison and the bipartisan National Cabinet have done a pretty good job overall with this crisis. However, political hostilities will be on again once the emergency stage of Covid-19 is over. I think it's pretty certain, though, that this boost to Morrison's popularity will see him win the next election.

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Key points:

The app will monitor people's daily interactions using GPS

It will be opt-in, but require at least 40 per cent of Australians to use it to be effective

The Attorney-General is considering the privacy implications

The Federal Government believes restrictions on the community could be eased in the months ahead if there's more testing, greater surveillance of those infected by the coronavirus and much faster tracing of those they've had contact with.

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Scott Morrison has done a great job! Well done ScoMo!

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I feel sad that Australian abolished human rights.

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I feel sad that Australian abolished human rights.

Australia has not abolished human rights. Your post is inaccurate.

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I feel sad that Australian abolished human rights.

This Coronavirus crisis has brought democracy as we know it into question with a few countries.Bordered on state-sponsored Communism at times,which we'd expect from non democracies.As I read a few weeks back,democratic in the good times,Communist in the bad???

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Our numbers here in Western Australia may increase this week as there are four international flights coming back into the country.

As for the app, I may download it as they state “Without this technology, health officials have to rely on people being able to remember who they have been around, and being able to provide contact details for those people.”

Crikey, I have trouble remembering what I had for brekkie last week..

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Not even one of them were Aboriginals. And fake Aussies want to avoid them keeping them infected as many as possible. However, their immunity is too strong to keep their communtiy alive for good.

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