Australians told to prepare for more counter-terror raids


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If people want to go and join a terrorist group, wouldn't it make more sense to let them leave and then cancel their passports. Who on earth would want them returning to your country with their new found "skills".

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way to go Aussies - keep that fear cranked up

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wowser government fuelled by Rupert Murdoch and his right-wing spew..and a populace who have no political nous.Abbott is turning Australia into a neo-fascist state.Privacy laws swept away

This is a question of Individual Rights vs Public Safety. How would you decide? Issue is not that clear cut as you think.

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Absolutely. He really is a horrible man. Thatcher's spawn-nephew.

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Way to go Australia! Hunt them down and keep at them until there are no more fanatics.

If only the rest of the West were as good as Australia!

Again, BRAVO ZULU to the Australian government for doing the right thing for it's people!

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