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Australians warned worst bushfires may be yet to come


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As I menrtioned with the earlier artyicle on this:

Seemds daily, there are headlines somewhere about record breaking temperatures, rainfall, storm intensities, drought, and wildfires. 

All these events together show a VERY strong trend that 'leaders' have a moral duty to stop ignoring. 


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That's very true and I agree completely, but Australia has always had bad forest fires, since time immemorial. A combination of factors have meant they've become a seasonal occurrence, which the ecology has adapted to, over millions of years. It doesn't lesson the tragedy; the loss of life, the awesome, relentless, apparently senseless destruction, but in many parts of the world, forest fire season is a case of when, not if. The people who put themselves in harm's way, to combat the threat and help save what they can, are truly remarkable. The folks who sometimes start these fires, intentionally, have a special place in Hell, waiting for them.

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Australia Eucalyptus and Pine tree forest should be replaced by rain forest tree like Teak and Mahogany. The bush small plants in the forest should be cleaned regularly and also forest should be managed with traditional Aborigine burning before fire season. Australia was one of the worst forest management countries in the world.

Eucalyptus and Pine trees' dried leaves, and dried grassland are the source of the fuel for the bush fire. Also, I'll say 90% of bush fire started by deliberately lit by human for some reason in Australia. The teenage arsonists are usually got away with just a slap on the wrist from the judge and unpunished.

Australia is the second driest continent in the world. You cannot blame everything on climate changes. You should read why do people light bushfire on below link.

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Bushfires are common in Australia but the country has experienced a dramatic start to what scientists predict will be a tough fire season -- with climate change and weather cycles contributing to the dangerous combination of strong winds, high temperatures and dry conditions.

The current disaster has not wreaked the human devastation of Australia's worst recent bushfires, the Black Saturday fires that killed 173 people in Victoria state in 2009, with some experts attributing that to better early warning systems.

Arid Australia is, once again, experiencing drought, and bushfires.

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