Author Salman Rushdie attacked on lecture stage in New York


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Sales of The Satanic Verses are about to go through the roof!

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Wishing him a speedy recovery!

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Rushdie is once again proven right regarding Islamic extremism.

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How terrible.

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I hope he recovers quickly.

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Dr. Martin Haskell, a physician who was among those who rushed to help, described Rushdie's wounds as "serious but recoverable."

Horrific but glad the outlook is hopeful.

From Islam to the Unification Church to Evangelicalism, their influence is pernicious and a headwind for human progress.

Take away their tax exemptions and financial means, investigate their finances, and remove their ability to spread their word and influence.

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Wishing Salman Rushdie speedy recovery.

The Satanic Verses was a brilliant book and it’s unfortunate that these extremists who cannot read feel offended by something they don’t even understand!

The terrorist who carried out this attack should never be allowed out of prison.

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The Chautauqua Institution, about 55 miles southwest of Buffalo in a rural corner of New York, has served for more than a century as a place for reflection and spiritual guidance. Visitors don't pass through metal detectors or undergo bag checks. Most people leave the doors to their century-old cottages unlocked at night.

I think it was a mistake for Rushdie to appear at this place, with no security.

I hope he recovers from the violence set upon him.

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"The only way you can defeat it is by deciding not to be afraid," he said.

This may be true but unfortunately he is going to be a target for nut jobs for the rest of his life whether the country he is in is a hot bed for terrorists or not. There is no way a man should be let in with a knife and allowed to stab him 15 times for 20 seconds. What a lousy security detail if there was one.

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Iran's current Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has never issued a fatwa of his own withdrawing the edict, though Iran in recent years hasn't focused on the writer.

The Iranian government have said they will not pay any reward and are not targeting Mr Rushdie however, a fatwa by an Ayatollah cannot be cancelled by anyone but the person who made it.

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Condolences to mr Rushdie but, Interesting timing considering the JCPOA was just about to be restarted….

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their influence is pernicious and a headwind for human progress.

I agree, but now with some politicians forming religious type cult organizations, expect any chance of progress to be further stalled.Heal quickly Mr. Rushdie, though sometimes he seemed silly and and his writing strained, he is a clever man with keen insights into life around the world today. Extremism, be it religious or political, from the East or West, needs to be checked.

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From Islam to the Unification Church to Evangelicalism, their influence is pernicious and a headwind for human progress.

One of these religions has carried out 35000 terrorist attacks since 9/11, but yes, lets group them in with other religions.

The leftist coddling of Radical Islamic Terrorism continues.

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Obviously it's a terror act, but the security arrangement may have been lax.

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Islam, the delusional dogma of peace.

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Why does the Islamic world have so many extreme views?

From not being able to accept a drawing of the prophet to not being even able to hold alcohol!

However, buying and selling heroin doesn’t seem to be blasphemy…

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Awful news. I hope Rushdie survives. Sad that he is under the threat of death from terrorists every day of his life.

The type of people who wish Rushdie harm need to be flushed out and extinguished - wherever in the world they are.

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The Iranian government have said

And the anti-democracy, anti-west followers of Putin/the Ayatollah and others might believe that while defending the number of people Iran and Russia have butchered in Syria and elsewhere with the blessings of the Ayatollah.

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The offender most likely will be charged under so called "Terrorism Laws " which means decades more on his sentence.

Lets not rush to condemn Muslims however, based on the actions of a lunatic fringe.

The "35,000 acts of terror " claimed above since 9/11 is from an anti Muslim and discredited source.

I've argued this point on another forum {Queensland newspaper lol} that attract lots of silly commentators....too tired of it all to have to re research and re state the obvious.

I do however have lots of time to ridicule the Chinese Communist Party heads.

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He is on a ventilator and may lose an eye but probably will recover.

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Getting back on topic, the brutal attack on Salman Rushdie, the police should bring in the Imam of his mosque for questioning as he most likely is either responsible for inciting this crime or had prior knowledge.

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A man with a bounty price on his head appears on stage without security ?

Religion strikes again .

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If you consider the history of organized Christianity with four Crusades, the Inquisition, the "Troubles", witch trials and the like I think you will find the death toll of Christian sponsored violence is far higher and has history going back some 1800 years.

The history of Christianity is indeed terrible, Desert Tortoise, you are absolutely correct IMO. It would be impossible to list all the historical crimes perpetrated by the Christian church against all parts of society. All religions are dangerous, but not in the same way or at the same point in history.

The Islamic religion seems far more dangerous in our modern world and it’s important to recognize this attack as a disgusting attack on and attempt to restrict free speech. We should be careful that this act is not justified, nor ameliorated by parsing atrocious acts in the context of historical injustice. The ideology that encouraged this attack in the mind of the attackers of one of the world’s truly great writers must be unequivocally condemned.

There is that old adage- A good person will naturally tend towards doing good, a bad person will do bad, but if you want a good person to do a bad thing, you need religion.

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The "35,000 acts of terror " claimed above since 9/11 is from an anti Muslim and discredited source.

No, it has not been discredited, and if anything it is a very conservative estimate.

Muslims are the main victims of Islamic terror.

This is true, yet they will not put their own house in order.

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Iam sure the movie will be sensational .

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The religion of peace...

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@Dagon, include the visa privileges of groups in the guise of religion. Human trafficking in disguise.

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The Satanic Verses was a brilliant book and it’s unfortunate that these extremists who cannot read feel offended by something they don’t even understand!

Exactly. Also, Midnight’s Children is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Far more intelligent and useful than any of the ‘sacred’ scriptures of the Abrahamic religions.

Rushdie is a brilliant man and one of the most engaging speakers I’ve ever heard. The rubbish who attacked him might have learned something useful.

Sickening attack.

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Do you remember some years back when the Japanese translator of the Satanic Verses was stabbed to death in Japan? The killer was never caught. The Iranians were and still are dead serious about Ayatollah Khomeni's hit list. The security around Salmon Rushdie was too lax. No metal detectors!? Especially in the U.S. with a famous figure like that on the Ayatollah's hit list . . . it's surprising the killer didn't bring a gun.

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Rushdie is a very intelligent and very brave man. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

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Gee, my bad...apparently no commentators here are branding Islam and Muslims as a danger.

Yeah sure

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I wish him the best. I've seen him on a lot of shows and he is reasonable and intelligent.

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Police didn’t say what the motive might have been. Probably because it’s patently obvious. Hopefully he recovers as well as possible.

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Police didn’t say what the motive might have been

no doubt they will claim no motive, only that the attacker was "suffering from mental illness" like they do countless times.

This story will disappear from MSM within a week I predict.

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Sad demonstration of mindless violence, at his age even a small push can put his life in danger.

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