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2 arrested in California shooting that killed 6


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Thanks to this administration and their open door policies we now have the Mexican gangs in the US aligning themselves with the Sinaloa cartel conspiring to kill people with ease because they know they won’t get prosecuted in the US and and with the lack of police present, it’s a free for all for the cartels.

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More bunk from Bass.

Where were the good guys with the guns? If only some of your MAGA Texas patriots had been there….

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Nuestra Familia prison gang. Death penalty.

Where were the good guys with the guns?

It is California, not Texas. Californians have been brainwashed about many things, including firearms.

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US street gangs have been aligned with various Mexican and Columbian drug cartels for many decades. Le Eme (the M) or Mexican Mafia dates to the late 1950s. Every street gang member in California regardless if what particular gang they are in carries out the orders of M or they are killed. Where I grew up in LA in the late 1950s the gang there was the Avenues. They are still there. Drugs, gambling, prostitution, protection rackets, and if you cross somebody they shoot you. Just to the north were the Frogtown and Whitefence gangs. This stuff is older than I am and I'm pretty old. When I was driving school buses in LA in the late 1970s I had these drug dealing and extorting 13 year olds with guns on my bus. Way back then. And one of the worst kids on one route I drove came from a really good home. I went to school with his older brothers who were both varsity athletes and honor roll students. Little bro took a different route and was arrested before he was 14. Often you read that junior joins the same gang mommy and daddy were part of but not this kid. It is not a simple problem amenable to glib "cures" and it isn't much affected by who is in office at a particular time. Le M has survived since the late 1950s through the War on Drugs and everything else, probably because the human appetite for drugs, gambling and the flesh are not affected by who is in office at a particular time.

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mass shooting, California.

thats 5 now recently.

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Not a good role model for other countries.

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mass shooting, California.

thats 5 now recently.

There were 52 mass shootings in the US just in January of 2023. California has 11.8% of the US population and just under 10% of the shootings. That jives with California having the seventh lowest rate of death by firearm in the US, half the rate of Arizona and Alabama, lower than Texas or Florida too. Laws governing firearms do not completely eliminate deaths but they are proven to reduce them.

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