Autopsy on N Korean inconclusive as 4th person arrested


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Indonesian police chief talks the same way Japanese week gossip. Magazines articles are written.

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I recon the Hypnotist told them the wrong person it should have Kim little fat boys turn not his brother. Was the Cook involved also to get his restaurant publicity.

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The story that is unfolding behind the death of Kim Jong Nam is becoming as exciting as book thrillers written by some of the best fiction writers around. We all know where the final solution lies ... but getting there and the story behind it make for some good reading. The full picture front-page layout in the New Straits Times newspaper, and being shown over and over again on TV, is also wild. In that photo we see somebody who looks like Kim Jong Nam sprawled awkwardly on some kind of a small chair or stool. Quite a story ...

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I guess the Malaysians now are really happy about all their efforts to "enhance relations" with N. Korea over the last few years. Play with fire, you get burned.

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The second autopsy clearly enraged North Korea, which has vowed to reject the results of any post-mortem and demanded that Malaysia turn over the body immediately.

NK is hardly in a position to make demands as this concerns a homicide on Malaysian soil. The victim had no diplomatic immunity.

“We will categorically reject the result of the post-mortem,” Kang said, adding that the move disregarded “elementary international laws and consular laws.”

NK is about the last place on earth to mention international and consular laws.

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"He said she and another woman performed stunts which involved convincing men to close their eyes and then spraying them with water." I read another article on this same issue and they said...."investigators had no idea how the poison got into the bottle"..seriously....umm It's just a guess but maybe someone put it in there?

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I will only believe what Malaysian police say.

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Well, even if these ladies didn't plan it themselves, they did commit the crime and were coached by others who may be lurking around in the background on security footage. Surely they are not going to be released after the seven day investigation period without identifying who set them up. Otherwise, all types of killers are going to claim they thought their gun was full of blanks for a film project.

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Didn't she have wads of cash, moving around hotels cheap, worried about wifi not working, cut her hair the night before etc ? That's is an awful lot of laughs if not.

That was the other girl.

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Little education, hard up for cash, and naive about the world makes them perfect pawns.

Didn't she have wads of cash, moving around hotels cheap, worried about wifi not working, cut her hair the night before etc ? That's is an awful lot of laughs if not.

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You have to be a complete dolt to believe that garbage. "Duped?" Uh-huh, sure....

Totally plausible. Gullible drug mules are seduced by the lure of foreign vacations all the time. It's immensely cost-effective and low-risk for their handlers.

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As much as I don't want to admit it, Stranger is probably right. Although a little voice keeps telling me otherwise

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This is entirely plausible. Find someone of a low income from a third world country, condition them into thinking they are doing pranks by having them do a few pranks first where all goes according to plan and everyone laughs, then send them on a killing mission. The fact that this woman didn't have an escape planned out of the country after the fact says to me she wasn't a professional. Any professional knowingly going into an assassination at the airport is going to have an escape route planned out of the country. This girl lived in the country, and had nowhere to go.

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As far as these women being duped, it is definitely possible. There are people getting tricked into being drug mules all the time. These women fit the profile. Little education, hard up for cash, and naive about the world makes them perfect pawns.

Nam's family also isn't dumb enough to show up and claim their matriarch. That would just be painting targets on their backs.

Game of Thrones logic dictates that if you eliminate a possible threat to your empire then you must also eliminate any heirs, so they won't comeback to hurt you.

We are all aware that the "Dear Leader" is on borrowed time. Un is mental midget living in a fantasy land holding by a thread. His paranoia like his father, and grandfather will be his undoing. Un believes Nam and his family represent a real threat to his supremacy not the other screwed up behaviors and decisions ruining his country

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they were definitly trained to pull this off, assuming they are really the killers instead of some scapegoats

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There would have been time when I would of said this is too crazy to be true. But maybe not now.

When I first came to Japan (late 1990's) I found the stories of NK agents coming to Japan on mini-subs, coming ashore and kidnapping random strangers too incredulous to take seriously. And yet, as the years unfolded, not only was it proven to be true - and admitted by NK - some of those kidnapped returned to Japan.

So this story of these two people thinking they were acting in a prank show and unwittingly killing the guy is quite plausible to me. Not much I would not put pass the NK regime.

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So a Vietnamese, an Indonesian, and a Korean walk into an airport... Shouldn't the guy's family have precedence over the North Korean government regarding custody of his body?

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Hey, worked with Zoolander.

Not actually too hard to image - start these desperately poor people off in a park with actors, all gather later to watch the giggles on the video, and ratch it up from there. Very cost-effective and removes the disastrous potential of a NK asassian caught.

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I guess the jokes on her!

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You have to be a complete dolt to believe that garbage. "Duped?" Uh-huh, sure....

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“She was not aware that it was an assassination attempt by alleged foreign agents,”


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