Azar meets with Taiwan President Tsai on breakthrough visit


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Beijing has protested Azar’s visit as a betrayal of U.S. commitments not to have official contact with the island that China claims as its own territory and threatens to use force to bring under its control.

Beijing much like the muppet in North Korea is becoming just background noise. The more that Beijing whinges on and protests, the more they will soon find themselves isolated. It will be their own doing.

Irony and hypocrisy are two things the CCP will never understand. Transparency and truth are two things that go against all that the CCP stands for.

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Well, a place with its own army, navy, currency, list of trading partners, de facto Olympic and other ‘country’ sports team recognition, public institutional recognition in numerous nations and one of the top 15 biggest economies in the world, not to mention autonomous internal and external political infrastructure, can be on a list for any government as a place to visit and deal with.

Part of China’s Monroe Doctrine I suppose.

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A good start, particularly with the WHO issue and COVID19 still on the table, But I'd like to see visits by the US Sec of State and Sec of Defense soon before China makes a grab for Taiwan.

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Amazing news, good for the US. The independent and democratic state of Taiwan should be admitted to the WHO as the world leader to advise on Covid-19, due to their unparalleled success. Taiwan should also be admitted to the UN, hopefully within 1-2 years.

It is to be hoped full diplomatic recognition is now given to Taiwan, no matter who wins in November. Other democracies will then follow what the US does. If Communist China protests... who cares? They are finished. Companies are scrambling to get out right now.

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