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Baghdad blasts kill 16


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Where's all the BABBLE about how much Iraq is BETTER OFF without "Coalition" Troops ? How it's BETTER that the USA and everyone else that had troops in Iraq are GONE ? Yup, you're all MUCH more SAFE now, Iraqi Citizen, just ask any "Arm Chair" General.

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I opposed the war, the carnage it caused and the scum that went out of their way to order it, but the facts are that things are and will continue to finally get better.

It's just a shame the Arab spring came 8 years too late. Heh, then of course there is he argument that the invasion might actually have unintentionally triggered it...

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In due time, a new leader will be installed to bring order to the area with economic and military backing to subdue any opposition, one that will cooperate closely with the backers. Much like previous installations:Shah, Mubarek, Pinochet, etc.

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