Baghdad car bomb kills at least 20


A car bomb ripped through a crowd in Baghdad on Thursday, killing at least 20 people, including women and children, a day after the U.S. military said violence in Iraq was at its lowest in six years.

The blast occurred near a market in the capital's Shaab neighborhood, defense and interior ministry officials said, with a further 38 people wounded. Eyewitnesses described a scene of charred bodies and burnt-out vehicles.

Four children and three women were among the dead, according to officials at two local hospitals.

"I tried to escape and the fire was everywhere," said Umm Hatam, 45, who was heading home with groceries when the shock wave from the bomb knocked her off her feet.

"I saw the dead bodies of women and children, and about 10 small buses were burned," she said.

Karim Ibrahim, 40, an oil ministry worker, said "a large flame rose from the explosion, then I just found myself in the hospital."

Shaab, a mixed neighborhood, is north of Sadr City, an overwhelmingly Shiite area.

The car bomb exploded on a main road just after midday. Although two security checkpoints were nearby, the site was not sealed off.

The blast came a day after a U.S. military spokesman said attacks in Iraq had dropped to their lowest levels since the months following the 2003 invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein.

"Attacks are at their lowest since August 2003," Major General David Perkins said, adding that the number of incidents was down 90 percent from June 2007.

"There were 1,250 attacks a week at the height of the violence; now sometimes there are less than 100 a week," he said.

The Shaab bombing came three days after a suicide attack targeting Kurdish mourners in central Iraq killed 27 people and wounded 50 and an explosion on the outskirts of Baghdad killed another eight people.

Violence has eased in intensity since the end of 2007 -- with the U.S. military stepping up anti-insurgency operations and Iraqi security forces being strengthened -- but deadly attacks still take place almost daily.

Also on Thursday, a bystander was killed and four electricity pylon repairmen were wounded when a roadside bomb engulfed the power workers' vehicle in restive Kirkuk province, police said.

And in Jalawla -- the central Iraq town where Monday's suicide attack on mourners took place -- an Imam was killed near his house by gunmen.

In 2007, a total of 17,430 Iraqis were killed, dropping to 6,772 last year. The casualty toll over the past three months was the lowest quarterly figure since the US-led invasion six years ago.

However, persistent bombings and suicide attacks have underscored concerns about security as the U.S. military prepares to leave Iraq.

Two weeks ago, the White House denied that a spate of attacks was linked to President Barack Obama's decision to withdraw most combat troops by August next year.

Near daily appeals from the Shiite-dominated government for national reconciliation have been rejected by Saddam loyalists, still flying the flag of the banned Baath party and pledging to fight on.

Under a U.S.-Iraq security agreement signed in November, U.S. troops will pull out of towns and cities by June 30 and from the whole country by the end of 2011.

In a speech last month, Obama ordered an end to U.S. combat in Iraq by Aug 31 next year, but also said 50,000 U.S. troops will remain under a new mission until the end of 2011.

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I thought e Republicans were claiming victory? What happened?

Didn't the terrorists listen to Rush Limbaugh and his followers?

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yea i also thought all the terrorists had been killed.

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I know. The terrorists weren't listening to the Republican's Talking Points saying they have been defeated...

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Last week Afghanistan; yesterday Pakistan; today Iraq.

Authorities in the UK now fear this particular type of martyrdumb is coming to their major cities.

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teleprompter: Well, the last 8 years of US governing did bring about more terrorism world-wide, after all, so of COURSE people are worried.

Guess bush won't be getting that 'Iraq' section in his new library after all.

It is sad indeed that they invaded, destroyed all the infrastructure of the country, and that in the end, as predicted, things are still falling apart. I hope they can keep it together, but I have my doubts.

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Oh I'm just flabnergasted at how well the geouge bush Memorial War in Iraq has gone. We've done nothing good except..... you already know the rheteric.

Because we went into Iraq we opened it up to a new kind or terrorist that no-one in Iraq was accostumed to, like some of it's neighbors. But our so-called war on terror resulted in terrorist walking around and blowing themselves up like never before.

Iraq is going to have to step up to the plate and take over. We cannot be expected to stay in Iraq forever, however, based on the damage done we'll be paying forever.

Years from now the US will continue to be blamed for the damage done the last 8 years in international relations. < :-)

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Despite what the Republican Talking Points may claim, this ongoing disaster is George Bush's War, not Obama's.

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Some right-wing nutter the other day was beating its' pigeon chest about V I C T O R Y. Poor soul is no longer with us though. Heh, then again accountability nor the hated Reality seem to be friends of theirs....

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It's gotta be shameful to the Republican Party, the party of Rush Limbaugh, that the Iraq war they started has lasted longer than WW2 and still isn't won, despite the U.S. having the strongest military in history.

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