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U.S. attorney general orders release of more federal inmates due to coronavirus pandemic


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If these criminals had not broken the law, they wouldn't be behind bars to begin with. Sorry but no compassion and must take punishment regardless of situation for getting themselves in there in the first place. Truly disagree with release and easement. The lost all their privilege's as part of their punishment. Sounds harsh but trying telling the surviving victims out there. I fully support humanitarian rights but for those citizens that are in real need and adhered to the laws and respect of others properties and rights. Break the law, you get punished. Ask any captured POW if sympathy was given to them, where were the humanitarian concerns for them. No this is truly unfair and goes with punishment.

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but we wag the finger at despots and dictators who violate human rights. Once an inmate is in the system, they are property of the state. The state will, rightly so, punish those who murder citizens but citizens are murdered whilst in custody of the state by other inmates, and the state is not always held accountable. To assign a death sentence by corona to an inmate due to "loss of privilege" makes you no better than a despot. Why not during the sentencing be forthcoming with the guilty and inform them they will likely be stabbed, have to "put in work" and join a gang, kill or cause bodily injury to another immate, get the corona or other punishment due to the states incompetence? Regardless of the crime, the state is responsible for the housing and safety of its inmates, otherwise why not just ship them off to China or Siberia and pay others to house and torture them?

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sorry misread it...@rgcivilian

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The same is happening in Italy, they want release inmates to protect them from coronavirus. First, I don't understand how can they get sick if they are basically already isolated, and second, you can't forget they are criminals for one reason. I am sorry to say this, but I fear it's an excuse for the States for cutting the costs in the prisons. I am seeing in the US and other Countries the same pattern for some kind of nonsense that I saw here.

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U.S. attorney general orders release of more federal inmates due to coronavirus pandemic

Prisons are like incubation chambers, so that move was expected.

I really wonder what is happening in the forced labour concentration camps in North Korea and China. They are already hellish places under "normal" conditions, with Corona rampaging among an already weakened population, the situation must be extreme. Could make a dent in North Koreas industrial production and Chinas organ transplant business.

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Maybe the States are forgetting you can give them medical assistance also inside the prisons.

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@WilliB: how can they be incubation chambers if the inmates are supposed to practice social distance and isolation already? They are basically in lockdown.

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Home confinement, how if a criminal would respect that.

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sorry misread it...@rgcivilian, oops had me there for a moment. haha. anyway moving on re: "but we wag the finger at despots and dictators who violate human rights..."

Regarding despots/dictators, in most part they are the rule and thus have the entire say so unless overthrown. The power remains with them. In the states case the people have the power and appoint the state to carry out the power. Doubtful the majority wants criminals to be let go because of COVID-19 as stated they lost all rights when they were sentenced and needs to be carried out to the fullest terms to gain those privileges back. It is known that prisons are just as dangerous on that outside but again we the people did not put them there they did on their own and their own choices. Do like the idea of sending them China and Siberia, however that calls for additional funding and give and take when dealing with other countries. If it could be done, hmmm. All I'm saying is do the crime take the time and pay for the crime. You get what you wished for or follow the law like the rest of us do.

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Prisons have nor ever been designed or meant to be safe havens for criminals. Nor should they ever be nor fall under the disgusting social sensitivity and political correct that is ruining the US. It is like a cancer but on a social stigma level that warrants no place in society.

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