Battle for 'future of Yemen' as rebels close on key city

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Again, a bit clarification seems in order.

The humanitarian crisis is ascribed, by just about every humanitarian organization, to the relentless and indiscriminate blockade of access to Yemen put in place by the 'Saud-led coalition' (which includes the US) as part of their efforts to crush the popular uprising by the general population (including much of the population of Marib) against the Saud controlled corrupt regime that the US etc are trying to reinstall in power.

The 'Houthi rebels' (of which the Houthi tribes comprise only a small part' "overran the capital" (with the support and participation of the majority of the Yemen military) after negotiations with the Saud controlled regime for a peaceful political transition to a unified government were blocked by the Saud and American refusal to accept Yemen's right to self determination, a position that those foreign states still hold, and are willing to commit war crimes and visit a humanitarian catastrophe on the population of Yemen in an effort to prevent.

There are obvious signs that the local government and population of Marib not only would be willing to make a peace deal with the YEMEN rebels, they'd join them, if it weren't for the literal guns being held to their heads by the Saud employed, UAE supplied, 'coalition forces' that are about the only willing supporters of the 'legitimate government'.

And while the liberation of the last bastion of the regime in Northern Yemen will mark a significant change domestically for the population of Yemen, the odds of it even modifying the demands of the foreign governments backing the regime are remote.

They'll continue to impose misery and rain death on the population of Yemen because they refuse to accept the population wants to control their own country and government.

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