Battle for Mariupol draws toward close after surrender


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Meanwhile, the first captured Russian soldier to be put on trial by Ukraine on war-crimes charges pleaded guilty

I wonder how well his rights were followed.

Well now these poor buggers that just surendered are in for a seriously bad time as the tit for tat trials will now start!

So Ukraine got it's pound of flesh, it may just cost the a few hundred pounds of Azov battalion flesh.

Talk about a stupid move on Ukraine's part.

Not sure what these fools are thinking, Putin is obviously not stable and you go and give him a propaganda tool like this.

Now get ready for the retaliations to begin.

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This, they are absolutely the most amazing heroes of resistance in the last 70 years, yes Russia will kill them but they died on their feet not on their knees, or stumps. Not Nazis most are just fighting for their country. In a really amazing heroically time.

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Guilty, with a lengthy prison sentence. Notice that the Ukrainian judge did not order his execution, despite clear evidence of the crime. He may thus be available for swap at some future point. Seems like a good result to me, and sets a standard for the Russians to follow..

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Battle for Mariupol draws toward close after surrender:

Russia says 265 Azov fighters surrendered.

Are they the last group of trapped people evacuated from the steel plant's underground?

Does that mean the long sad saga would be over now.

What a despicable cruel war tragedy..!

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The Ukrainian troops were likely starved and miserable inside the plant, but I fear for them even worse now that they are in Kremlin custody. The Russians could further starve, torture, or kill them, and Putin seems to be too unwilling to negotiate for a prisoner swap to be arranged.

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Talk about a stupid move on Ukraine's part.

Ab, I’d say the stupid move was cozying up to the US, CIA, NATO and believing in Zelenskyy’s campaign promise to end the civil war.

Invalid CSRF

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Stalingrad ver 2022?

it seems so.

no mercy with them.

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I keep reading things that imply that Azov were somehow forced down into those bunkers and kept there by the Russians. Surely they chose all this, and were free to surrender at any time.

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One sided reporting... NEXT!!!

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Seems like a good result to me, and sets a standard for the Russians to follow

Yep and Russia will do exactly that.

Follow the same example by putting Ukrainian soldiers on trial and I will not be surprised if they to also "plead guilty".

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The battle was over more than 3 weeks ago. Hiding in a bunker is not fighting.

The route from The Dombas to Crimea is finished. Ukraine lost.

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Battle for Mariupol draws toward close after surrender

A very one side report but at least this time they used the word "surender" and not the joke we had the other day "rescued".

Like I said I don't care what the actual situation is, what I want is unbias reporting and we haven't seen that from either side.

It has all been propaganda for all sides.

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 A separatist leader in the region said no top commanders had emerged from the steelworks.

Separarists are Ukrainians.

So Ukrainians liberated the city from Azov fighters.

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In real life, the allied militaries of Donetsk and Luhansk and Russia had won the battle for the last major city in Donetsk still controlled by the Kiev regime's ultraextremists almost a month ago. The holdouts retreated to one of the myriad of industrial complexes in Mauriopal where they could hide in tunnels and shoot at anyone who came into the tunnels, but couldn't shoot anything outside, not that they didn't try to take parting shots at the people they'd gotten used to forcing obedience from, it's just that in the days of thermal imaging and surveillance drones backed by satellites, every time they tried to, they drew fire before they could open fire.

So other than a small group to man the perimeter, the Allied militaries moved on to helping liberate more of Donetsk, and seeing as the nearest place Kiev still controlled was hundreds of miles away, it's not like the holdouts would be rescued by an attack from the outside, and even if one or two managed to slip away through some ruse or other, the population of Donetsk aren't exactly in the mood to help such as them.

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 yes Russia will kill them

Hope you're aware that Russia has been taking care of and offering medical help to captured Ukrainian military members, much unlike the Ukrainian army toruting Russian POWs.

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On the subject of war crimes trials, if Russia does decide to go that route, it'll almost certainly be against someone who wears symbols from the losing side of WW2, and for something that has been adjudicated in multiple places, repeatedly over the years, to actually be a War Crime rather than not one (like a unit in hostile territory killing a single civilian to prevent detection)

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A separatist leader in the region said no top commanders had emerged from the steelworks.

I doubt you will ever see those guys again. Russians are not real big on keeping prisoners that inspire people.

Russia has just sent one of it's most advanced tanks into Ukraine.

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Zelenskyy should have stopped this fiasco a long time ago but I guess his allies and the Ukrainian oligarchs wouldn't let him

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