Bayh the latest exit as moderates leave Congress


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Blue Massachusetts voted no confidence on Obama.

Now members of his own party are doing the same.

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lol american politics

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Article says- "ever-more-polarized colleagues locked in gridlock — exactly what voters say they don’t like about politics in the nation’s capital."

As soon as we get out of Iraq and Afghanistan, gridlock sounds nice! We don't need so many new laws and rules. The system is in place. The only thing I want more than gridlock is for the legislature to start erasing crazy old laws and give us the freedom we are supposed to have in America. Everybody talks about freedom. Few seem to actually realize how restricted they are.

But I would rather see the ends chopped than the middle go. People in the middle don't need to be gridlocked. They know restraint.

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Now, many believe the $174,000 salary just isn’t worth it.

Surely, lobbyists are there in a pinch.

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Polarization is turning the government into a gutter. Each person should ask themselves if they are part of the problem or part of the solution.

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The design of this system is to have two parties that ultimately do the same thing --indebt the American people. By getting rid of this third party you are really getting rid of freedom and choice for the populace.

Japan was able to drastically change their political landscape by minimizing the LDP in the last election. But in America there is just too much corruption and media control -they can't break out of their slavery/taxes/inflation/wars = the Federal Reserve bankers control them thru the fiat debt system.

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Just like Palin.....A BIG guitter.

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I simply reached a conclusion that I could get more done to help my state and the American people by doing something in the private sector

If Bayh wanted fiscal responsibility, why did he vote for every bill Obama wanted? You can't vote for the largest spending bills and then balk about it. He's a person with no courage. In other words, a typical democrat.

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