BBC says Chinese police assaulted one of its journalists at Shanghai protest

By David Milliken and Martin Quin Pollard

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they had arrested him for his own good in case he caught COVID from the crowd

The Communists are using Covid as a tool to completely suppress any and all dissent and opposition to the government.

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Democracy’s definitely the way to go, but we all remember the Tianmen Square Massacre.

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There's video of the abuse as the reporter was taken down, then showing him being taken away. He was yelling that someone needed to call the Consulate for him. The video is on BBC.

I hope that Chinese citizens are on a slow burn, not just a 1 week flash until some other things are created by the CCP to get their attention instead. This needs to be a long term effort and subgroups need to join the CCP to infest them from inside.

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theFu, Then the west need to throw alot money into it, because these people may lose jobs, or have their bank accounts frozen, like Justin Trudeau did to his protesters

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