Irish mourn another St Patrick's Day lockdown


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Thanks for the reminder that things are bad. This story is hardly news

Happy Saint Patrick's day from Elvis.

And do the King a favour and stop peddling doom!

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Poor Ireland. Poor St Patrick's Day. Let's hope we don't see a repeat of this story in 2022. At this stage I am not confident.

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Celebrated since the early 1600’s, one year without celebrating means a loss of only 0.25%. For regaining, open an additional Guinness and take a small extra sip next time....rofl

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Thanks for the memories. New ones to be made.

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"Ders more to Oireland dan dis" - Alan Partridge

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Beats getting locked up...

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Ireland has sooooo many pubs, even the small towns and villages have more than you'd expect so I love visiting there but I wonder how many won't reopen when the dust settles.

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I read about how. many pubs passed away, and young people just smoke crack or smack at home.

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ClippetyClopToday  05:08 pm JST

"Ders more to Oireland dan dis" - Alan Partridge

Ah! A man after my own heart!

”Who da hell is dat?” - Martin Brennan

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Maybe things will get better in jolly Oireland next year after more people are vaccinated. We just need to play it safe.

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Meanwhile, we can play the Dubliners, the Chieftains, the Fureys, whatever on Spotify and down a few gallons of something or other. Any recommendations for other songs/groups appreciated.

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Try the undertones. Pretty cool music

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Just to clarify something. This line is simply factually incorrect: "The protest quickly evolved from clashes with police into a party atmosphere, with live music and drinking in the street." Thats pure fantasy. Absolutely no such party occurred after the clashes. And BTW, young people are not taking "crack and coke at home instead" either (But selfish middle-class students are definately having large drinking parties). One fact that speaks volumes of how corporate sector needs override the health of the people (not just in Ireland but everywhere else also) is how, despite so many locals having to pack-up their jobs and not travel, and restrict movements etc, due to covid - in January the Irish govt allowed 3,000 Briziallians into Ireland to work in Meat factories (Covd hot-spots). BTW, locals 'would have' been prepared to do the work.

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