Beijing orders outdoor work to be halted amid scorching summer heat


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Orders from the Chinese govt to stop work outside?

Sounds reasonable and perspicacious

However, I have never heard the Japanese government that concerned with their population to do the same…

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Everywhere I go, I try to talk with people, to find out how they live. I remember a conversation I had with a worker in the Nevada desert, where it is normal for temps to exceed 50 C in the summer. He told me that they would start their day shift at 4 am, and knock off by noon. When the temps cooled down later in the year, they could work a more normal day shift.

We live near the coast in California. We tried to go outside our hotel and walk across the street in the heat of the afternoon, when we were in the Nevada desert. Couldn't do it. We had to rush back into the air conditioned hotel, get into our air conditioned car (parked in the shade), and drove across the street, to park in their shaded parking structure. It was literally so hot that we could not walk across the street. That kind of heat is something that has to be experienced to be believed.

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But Beijing has been caught many times lying about temperatures. It is a bit of a joke there. People have their own thermometers and see 44°C on it, but the TV weather and radio and on all their smart phones only shows 40°C. Good to see they are actually trying to protect people from overheating. In other countries, high heat isn't usually a reason to not work. What happens is that people shift their schedules or take lots and lots of breaks and drink 3x more water. When I worked outside, we'd have a cooling area with water sprayed into huge fans to cool the air and everything nearby. Fortunately, I wasn't working hard outside when it was over about 38°C. I did have to sit outside in those temperatures. Getting used to high temperatures takes a few weeks. Every late-spring, I specifically shift to warmer temperatures and being active in those higher temps to protect myself and make outdoor activities more fun. Fortunately, temperatures here have been a little lower than seasonally expected. Just 33°C or lower. It is still hot, but not oppressively hot. We are used to these temperatures in July/August.

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It is not only hot but also humid which just doesn’t allow the body the opportunity to cool down

And yeah, there are still suited and necktied salarymen running around in the midsummer heat here in Japan

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Fresh morning today nearby Paris with 10°C.

When it is heat in a part of the world, it is fresh elsewhere. Laws of physics apply.

Cities are heat accumulation, since you bring electricty from further energy plants. No wonder in the long term.

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