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Beijing says U.S. South China Sea actions irresponsible, dangerous


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China's actions are what's dangerous, irresponsible and provacative. China with it's dreams of territorial expansion and control over Asia is testing the wrong country now. Just ask any America hater.

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China has less claim over this area than they do over Taiwan. Their constant expansionism and belligerence are destabilizing. Their refusal to discuss things only emphasizes their intentions to dominate, not cooperate. They can't be trusted in this.

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All sides suck in this one. Pick someone to hate and criticize in this spat, anyone, and rest assured, your contempt will be properly aimed.

I know where the majority of comments will go though, since most here are pro-West thanks to most English sources being pro-West propaganda or at least West leaning. But try to hold on to the fact that American spy flights just barely outside Chinese territory are indeed routine as stated in the article and have been happening for decades. How many Chinese spy flights are conducted off the U.S. coast? How many Chinese military bases off the coast of America? How many live-fire naval drills?

If you think America is not being provocative and its only China, you need your head examined.

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It is impossible to "reclaim" something that never in the past "belonged" to the "reclaiming" party in the first place. China's actions are aggressive seizure.

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This is not really about spy planes. It is about creating/fabricating "Chinese" island(s) 250km (135 nautical miles) close to Palawan, Philippines, Southeast Asia (within the SE Asians' EEZ) versus this island(s) 1300km (700 nautical miles) distance to the closest (at the same time southernmost) Chinese island of Hainan. The island(s) building/fabrication is the serious provocation.

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When you point one finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing at you. Japan should not react to anything China says. It would really be helpful if the media (JT, et al) would just ignore these stories or put them at the absolute bottom of the the list of pages.

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Colonel Steve Warren said the Poseidon had not gone within 12-mile (19-km) territorial limits that China claims around the artificial islands but said this could happen in the future.

It has happened in the past like Hanan Island incident. The hidden agenda of Colonel Warren is he preferred US plane should be shot down by Chinese navy. He should send his own son and daughter inside plane for the aggressive provocation. It will cause misunderstanding and potential accident between US and China.

If Chinese can steal US satellite and fighter jets design without flying spy aircraft, US which is the birth place of Google, Apple and Microsoft does not need to fly near construction project. It is the misadventure and risky business.

I can Google and supply the information of building sand air craft carrier by China near Paracel Island. It is better, cheaper and stronger than USS Ronald Regan. It is unsinkable unlike USS Coles, USS George Washington too. After construction, it will be named as PRR Obama.

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Octagon having the plans is one thing and building it another. The PRC can try and shoot down the P8 but I would not put money on it. The only country that recognizes those "islands" as Chinese territory is the PRC. Suppose the P8 is going to need an escort and osprey fans no. The US is going to have and move a carrier out to support the P8s. Then again the Americans may have other plans. Oh the sand aircraft carrier may not be sunk but it can be laid to waste. It can not move the perfect "sitting duck".

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China "is very irresponsible and dangerous and detrimental to regional peace and stability." The sooner we are rid of it, the better.

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Difficult to see where Manila is headed on this.

Maybe just letting Beijing build free island bases for Philippines, which Philippines will then populate.

Beijing has rejected intl arbitration (Dec 2014), after which Philippines said intl arbitration would be binding even if China didn't show up (Feb 2015).

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i did not post as China or PRC will shoot US plane. You have to know that scrambling Jet or spy plane can cause accident. If you want to know safety record of US planes, ask Okinawans.

US plan in middle east has failed US trained Iragi force ran away. and surrendered.to IS. South China sea will be different from surface ship battles. China has only one air craft career. They will not risk their only one big toy..

Air craft career like elephant which can not run during bush fire. It will be worse than Sitting duck. Duck can swim in the sea quickly. Subs will be more reliable than USS Ronald Regan and USS George Bush.

US should not waste time and money for Spying and drone attack. They should improve on their Air crafts safety and reality.

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Would a second or third island be "reclaimed" it the first one is recognized as Chinese territory? Heck, they can keep on "reclaiming" islands and control quite a bit of the region. Just imagine the "reclaiming" closer and closer to Honshu and then accusing Japanese people of occupying Chinese territory!

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China should be prepared to ramp up its countermeasures, one notch at a time, according to the degree of provocations from the U.S.,” it said

I agree with Ossan. I even go further. If their aggression continues, the rest of world will take a necessary action against China to protect all merchant marines in International sea.

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But wait, I thought Alexis Dudden was warning Japan's expansionism and imperialism led by Abe??!! (eye roll (@Д@;)

While Abe let over 200 illegal China ships to violate Japan's territorial waters in Ogasawara to steal billion-dollar worth of precious red corals (clearly Abe isn't good enough to be called "Nazi" or "Nationalist"), Indonesian government bombed those criminal boats that came in their water and made a strong, bold statement of "Don't you mess with us."

Japan haters, please. We appreciate your concern over Japan's possible rise of militarism (like trying to bring her territorial disputes with her neighbors to ICJ and verbally warning China not to let their thugs destroy Japan's marine biology...yup, those are the signs!) but please go out there and look what is happening...NOW.

Yet Alexis Dudden is too Busy Demonizng Japan... http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/17/opinion/the-shape-of-japan-to-come.html

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This is amazing....the words of the Chinese Communist Party.

They got it all wrong.

It is ......CHINA...... whose action in the South China Sea .....that is the real problem.

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