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Beijing slams tribunal decision on South China Sea dispute


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The crooked, unelected Chinese dictatorship don't even obey the laws and constitution of their own country. Why on earth would anyone think they would take any notice of a foreign court?

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It would be wise for the court to state that structures (artificial islands) do not constitute sovereign territory. That would make everything pretty black and white.

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The chinese have been bullied for a long time in the past. Now they are economically and militarily strong. I think there is some kind of "debt of honor" syndrome going on in Beijing.

They're going to be stubborn in the sc sea, no matter what the UN says or does.

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The thing about China is that they are going to need to come to the same realization that the US is starting to come to - that they can't get by in this world alone. If countries stop sending money to China, China collapses. So the more obnoxious China is, the more likelihood of sanctions and embargoes.

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Well if the court finds PRC guilty then UN can place some restrictions on PRC like limitation of currency transaction like what is placed on Russia.

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“We will not participate and we will not accept the arbitration,”

“It won’t affect China’s sovereignty rights and jurisdiction in the South China Sea, our rights will not be undermined.”

Basically, they're saying screw you.

So how's the diplomacy route going with China, guys

Heh, so much for diplomacy! Some JT posters saw this coming, @lostrune2 good call. But unfortunately some posters will continue to say the US is "provoking" china. Or that the US Navy are the aggressors in the sc sea- total Nonsense.

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That is the one of many problems with Communist Chinese Government.

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The U.S. is probably anticipating a ruling against China which is why they sent a ship through the Spratleys a few days ago. As a final ruling draws closer the U.S. will slowly ramp up the patrols. When a decision is officially made against China, which might be as soon as next year, the U.S. will have the moral high ground to challenge China's claims and world opinion will likely turn against China.

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the stance will put Beijing in a difficult diplomatic position if the court rules that it has violated one of the UN’s own statutes.

I would really like to see this happen and then what would occur following the ruling.

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Let's hope the Permanent Court of Arbitration does rule against China and her ridiculous claims. China doesn't like to be embarrassed on such a scale so it will be interesting to see how she responds.

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China will disregard any findings by an international tribunal on a case brought by the Philippines over disputed islands in the South China Sea, Beijing said Friday after the court decided to consider the action.

But China has refused to participate in the proceedings, arguing that the case is about sovereignty and the court cannot rule on it.

The tribunal—set up in 1899 to resolve international disputes between countries—

So China, which is a signator to the treaty of The Hague, now says it is going to not participate and disregard the findings. All I can say is, thank god for the "U.S. pivot" to Asia, and all the usual U.S. bashers who post here (you know who you are) who were advocating throwing the U.S. forces out of Japan last week, when an article talked about Japan wanting to lower its host nation contributions, out to wake up and smell the coffee, and realize what you are dealing with.

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So how's the diplomacy route going with China, guys

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Oh, China... now you're going to see how you're really perceived on the Global stage now. This isn't going to end well with them because the only one's that support China's claims are China... nobody else.

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This is the reason why China ramped up its construction of the fake islands since last year, anticipating a ruling against them which they do not intend to follow.

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But Doesn't Israel do this all the time?

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Beijing insists it has sovereign rights to nearly all of the South China Sea, a strategic waterway through which about a third of all the world’s traded oil passes.

And of course for years China has been setting up infrastructure throughout the region to support its trade and shipment of goods and resources.

The sooner the world can get off hydrocarbons the better. China, however, is far along in alternative technologies, too. Like it or not.

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Surprise!! Given that China won't attend guess it won't make much difference though

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