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Beijing tests 2 million for COVID as Winter Olympics loom


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I cannot imagine how my mental health will be if I am forced to compulsory testing on a regular

basis. Zero Covid tolerance how is it even possible. Soon all domestic animals will

also need to be tested and after that maybe all birds flying around will need to be tested.

The untold biggest danger of Covid the tremendous damage does on some human brains and

impacting the ability to think and make rational decisions.

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I cannot imagine how my mental health will be if I am forced to compulsory testing on a regular


I got tested a total of four times because I left Japan for the Xmas holidays. It isn't a problem. It doesn't hurt mentally or physically. Quarantine in a hotel room with a window that doesn't open and that has no view is another matter.

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How about boosters? I haven't read anything about them pushing Sinovac or Sinopharm boosters. Surely the original shot effectiveness, if any, has worn off by now.

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China needs to learn to live with Covid. Its not possible to have zero covid cases.

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Waste of tests. The NFL in the US has stopped testing players, even the unvaxxed ones, unless they have symptoms.

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With the omicron causing all this fuss and cities with populations of millions in lockdown, China needs to call the Games off now.

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China is doing domestically what, when done globally, has been proven to eliminate an entire viral disease.

But there are those insist that success in that is impossible, immoral, impossible to replicate in democracies, or too costly.

This despite it having been done twice before on a global scale, having been endorsed by every major religion in the world (and most cults, too), happened in all the democracies (including right and left wing democracies, faux democracies, quasi democracies, mock democracies) dictatorships (including unbridled and constitutional dictatorships, corrupt dictatorships, ethical dictatorships) and other forms of government in existence at the times (that is what a globe spanning program means) and proved to increase the standards of living and the economic worth.

Are they doing so out of blind hatred for China, willful ignorance, or greed (after all, eliminating these diseases also eliminated the market for the drugs used to prevent or treat the disease)

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