Beijing warns it will cut contacts if Taiwan doesn't toe line


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"Beijing still sees it as part of its territory awaiting reunification".

But Taiwan is happy being Taiwan!

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No matter what kind of disputes Japan and have, Japan will love Taiwan. Not mainland China which are hated by about all Asian countries.

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Taiwan should have declared independence in the '80s... And it will only ever become more difficult... Which is why it should declare it now anyways. Endless submission to the tyrannical hypocrisy of China's ruling class is a never-ending degeneration into a slavish existence at the hands of a gaggle of autocratic bullies. And those in the KMT that meekly offer their beggar's bowls up to the CCP are nothing better than parasitic pimps selling out their country for personal gain and a spot beneath the CCP's table where they can beg for scaps alongside all the other worthless traitors doing anything to appease the "government" of China for one more suck o' the teat. Next time I'll tell you how I really feel. ;)

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such demand is like a joke, child play.

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don't shake the money pot!

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Well, that's a lot better than "we will invade" like they used to threaten.

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Beijing warned Taiwan it would cut off critical contacts with the island if its new president Tsai Ing-wen does not state her support

is that a promise? That's it? Well then, c'ya

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I have read the transcript of her inaugural speech in full. Excellent speech, she is one smart politician that China may underestimate at its own peril.

And it's promising that Tsai has the intention to reduce economic exposure to China. The over reliance on a single market represents high risk, especially amid the potential conflict across the strait. The restructure will be painful and all the best wishes to Taiwan.

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China is feeling their oats and are becoming increasingly aggressive in East Asia. I hope President Tsai is careful in the manner she extricates Taiwan from dependency on China. I am rooting for her.

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China needs to butt out on this. Taiwan has been an independent country in all but name for about 70 years. How about this? Taiwan gets called the Republic of Taiwan, and the mainland gets to remain the People's Republic of China. No one can dispute there is only one China then. China, I'm sympathetic towards you in some things, but here you are acting like a bully.

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The civil war between the CCP and the KMT(Nationalist) is not yet formally over. The Taiwan Strait is still a tense battlefield in air,land, sea. So Taiwan should watch her own approach even the DPP took power. The KMT might get back to power some years later, changing the political status in Taiwan will brought instability at present and future no matter inside or outside the island. So dont do 'Unwise' things !

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Tsai Ing-wen does not state her support for the concept that there is only “one China”

Rightly so. The 'one China' is just a slogan and becoming rather archaic. Taiwan is not likely to become a vassal state of a communist dictatorial entity calling themselves the People's Republic Of China. Take note of the meaning of People's.

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This is great. Taiwan should immediately declare total independence NOW!! Taiwan should not have any contacts with the Commie china. Who needs red china now? No one. Republic of Taiwan should immediately establish military alliance with the US and Japan and have US troops stationed there for protection.

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