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Bhutto's widower Zardari elected Pakistani president


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I remember first hearing about Benazir Bhutto as Prime Minister of Pakistan in the late 80's on an NPR radio station. I recall hearing that she was an inspiration to young women but that she angered many Muslim fundamentalists. I was happy that she returned to Pakistan last year to make a run at the Presidency. It was very disheartening to learn of her assassination. They were gunning for her from the moment she stepped off the plane. I hope her widower can carry on as a reformer in her name. Best of luck to him and to Pakistan.

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May Allah and Bush bless Zardari.

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Good luck. I hope you follow the wife's legacy of reform.

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Now once again, Pakistan is on its way to self destruction..Zardari widely known as Mr.10 (receives 10% cut of everything) has very little political experience, he will be worst than Benzir who was enjoying her life in Britain while Pakistan was burning down. Very soon people will realise they were better off with Mushraf who atleast brought some peace and prosperity to Pakistan.Even though he was blamed as Dectator/Bush's Toy, Mushraf did a great job bringing down violence , the karachi stock market reached to the highest level. Sometimes its too bad to have a partial dectatorship esp. for a *** up country like Pakistan.

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Pakistan main problems is FATA areas influence. They do not see eye to eye with kabul and islamabad policies.

Zardari,Nawaz Sharif and Gilani must work on bridging the difference between FATA areas pashtun/others,islamabad administration and kabul administration.

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The Bhutto family has been an albatross on the backs of the Pakistani people for years. They have raided the national treasury for their own purposes and did nothing to raise the living standards of the poor. Benazir Bhutto as head of state did nothing for the plight of women in her country. In fact, the rights of women were further curtailed under her leadership, where she did absolutely nothing to stop the practice of husbands burning their wives for simply not complying with their wishes. It is just another sad day in the history of Pakistan.

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I enjoyed the comments irabujapanu rajakumar and Everton2 posted. I really wish a thread like this would stay up so I could learn more. It is obvious that I drew my conclusions from very little information I heard a long time ago. I can't just change my opinion over to the opposite of what I formerly believed instantly. But I can say that I now do not know what to believe. I will try to look into it. It would be a lot easier if you guys were to lead me to sources that I could evaluate. I really liked rajakumar's comment. I really could not understand it. But that is a good thing. The only way I will be able to understand it is by learning. If any of you get a chance to add additional comments I would certainly enjoy reading them.

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