Biden's inauguration goes off with no security issues


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Biden's inauguration goes off with no security issues

Hats off to the security forces. But what a sad way to move away from the Trump era. Trump and his followers have been the worst enemies the republic has seen in decades.

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Of course it did, there are more troops in DC than Iraq and Afghanistan thanks to Trump and his supporters.

Trump supporters weren’t brave enough to try anything whilst the military was in town. Internet tough guys that they are.

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Took the spark out of their fire seeing the last bunch of loons facing 20 years in prison, no pardons, and widely ridiculed across the media as mindless neck beards, Karens and cosplayers. The non-revolution that thankfully died with a whimper.

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Trumps supporters are just like Trump all bluster and flatulent hot air , thankfully!

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This is more good news for today.

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Didn't want another tragedy like the worst one on American soil in the history of the U.S.(Jan. 6th) as I was told here.

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It was good to see a peaceful transition of power. Unlike the last Inauguration, which was met with violence, arson, and rioting.

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Another loss for the Trump fans.

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My only caution is that there are a lot of older small towns and cities across the US that time has passed by. Many who live in these places feel forgotten and ignored and feel as if the only places in the US that are benefiting from anything the government does are some big coastal cities. These forgotten places with increasingly desperate people are ripe for radicalization. Their schools have been ignored, economic development has passed them by. Their farmers are beholden to big agricultural monopolies who suck all of the profit out of the foods they grow and leave the farmers scraping by while their own portfolios and those of their executives overflow. Rural and small town America needs attention. And while I agree those who committed violent acts desecrating the US Capital need to go to prison I also think the US Government and both parties need to pay more attention to these small towns. There also needs to be a very blunt discussion about the tax burden in the US so the national debt is paid down after the Covid crisis is past.

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The far-right pro-Trump domestic terrorists that tried to overthrow democracy last week, generally fall into two categories....

The hard core, violent anarchists - the militias, the Minutemen, the Proud Boys...

The weak, disenfranchised, wanna-be's who carry their assault rifles to compensate for their feelings of powerlessness and physical inadequacy...

They run away when confronted with strength...

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Trump had a bigger crowd greet him in Florida today than the guy with 81 million "votes."

Just write votes. No need for quotation marks.

One hope with Biden in charge is the blizzard of conspiracy theories will lose strength. Trump was neck-deep in this trash and morons loved it.

I’m certainly not convinced more will move towards sanity and decency, but optimism is important.

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Trump had a bigger crowd greet him in Florida today than the guy with 81 million "votes."

Yeah, thanks to the turd the 6 January crowd threw into the inauguration punch bowl. If Trump hadn't provoked an insurrection there would have been a normal inauguration ceremony.

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Trump had a bigger crowd greet him in Florida today than the guy with 81 million "votes."

Glad to hear Trump managed to hold one last super-spreader event.

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