2020 preview? Feud between Trump and Biden flares up


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Trump is like Muhammad Ali in the ring. Like Ali, he often confounds expectations ( and his opponents) by not adhering to standard game plans.

Trump would love Sleepy Joe to be his opponent.

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The more thoughtful Dems are rightly terrified of Joe getting the nomination. Hes already sunk due to the screed of "wandering hands" videos, not to mention other stuff. Cant wait for the campaign!

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*President Trump has repeatedly insulted Joe Biden — even going so far as to side with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Why? It's simple: Trump's afraid he's going to lose," *says the fundraising appeal. -- article

There in a nutshell is what this election cycle is all about, folks. The 23 dem candidates know they don't have ghost of a chance of defeating President Trump next year. So instead, they pick the wallets of their donors; benjamins they can pocket free and clear after they drop out and tell their cash cow faithful, "Well, I tried to unseat him."

Of the all the far-left liberals running for POTUS, the biggest loser will be the one the DNC chooses to represent them next summer.

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Liberals, democrats, listen to me very very well and especially the DNC. Do not, and i repeat, do not elec Joe Biden as your candidate because at that point you might as well just hand Trump the re-election right then and there

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love how the liberal media said it was ok that Bidan trashed Trump while overseas because Trump himself was in the USA at the time. perfectly fine they said.

But when Trump is overseas and Bidan in the USA, Trump cant say anything. Huh? Plus all the times Obama and Biden went overseas and trashed candidate Trump.

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Bidan is just a placeholder until the time that Dems panic and replace him with Hillary or the other Obama.

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Hillary is waiting for the call!

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This guy will never be President.....for the 3rd time.

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Well so much for Biden. After all the chances another verbal gaffe and more touchy feels with kids. He should be done now, time to get Hillary warning up in the bullpen.

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Trump would love Sleepy Joe to be his opponent.

The Dems ain't that dumb, they're going to nominate Mayor Pete so we can have the first First Gentleman in the White House!

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