Biden condemns Trump fans allegedly harassing campaign bus


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This was not allegedly, this was well planned!

The loosers are at it already!

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There's no lows they wont sink to.

This is something you'd expect in dodgy, failed nations.

Really needs UN observers.

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so where are all those deniers that said it never happened, voter campaign intimidation at its finest.

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The supporters are as dirty as TRUMP himself.

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The FBI's San Antonio office told AFP Sunday they were investigating the Texas incident but declined to give further comment.

An SUV belonging to the Democratic caravan was reportedly sideswiped. No injuries were reported, and it

The good thing is that some of these bigots are going to prison.

Meantime, multiple posts on Twitter showed scenes of long traffic backups on New Jersey's Garden State Parkway reportedly caused by pro-Trump drivers.

Go ahead and show America who you really are!!!

These criminals and the ones who back them will be in prison soon.

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Another new low and, I for one, thought it couldn't go any lower.

Made the USA Sane Again ... vote if you have hesitated to do so.

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The only way to shut Trump, his family, and cronies up is for there to be a blue wave. Make it happen people.

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Trump and his fellow Republicans have energized elements of the US far right including neo-national socialists and various other white supremacist groups.

Trump etal have pushed an anti-republic, anti-democracy, pro-authoritarian agenda. In doing so they've attracted dozens of heavily armed groups of thugs to reinforce Trump's thugocracy.

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First his armed domestic terrorist supporters march through city halls in Michigan....

Then far-right militia member Kyle Rittenhouse guns down three people in Wisconsin...

Then his far-right militias plot to kidnap and murder the Michigan Governor...

Now his armed goons intimidate and harass a group of Biden supporters going down the road...

Yet he continues to fuel the hate and violence at his rallies...

Just like the current 235K Americans that have died due to his incompetence with the virus, all the blood shed after his defeat in two days will be on his hands...

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@Blacklabel - spot on.

-12 ( +2 / -14 )

not at all.

so what happened to the bus? was it injured in this supposed "attack"? Was anyone on the bus injured? no, right?

So, no condemnation, then?

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Like 1930s Germany; attacks, harassment, intimidation.

But my American brothers and sisters, you have the chance to stop this now before the point of no return.

The whole world is watching.

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a bus was "harassed"?

Evidently Trump supporters believe buses are sentient beings and either don't believe or aren't aware that they carry people... Well, when you think the government has been infiltrated by Alien Lizards...

Neither Biden nor Harris were even on it.

Oh, I see - since Biden and Harris weren't on it, it's OK for a bunch of armed Trump goons to surround a busload of Biden supporters and harass and intimidate them...

We can all see where this is going - if the Trump terrorists opened fire and raked the bus with their assault weapons, you'd excuse that too..."hey, Biden and Harris weren't on it"....

The blinded Trump cult...

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Trump will win. There'll be many who will refuse to accept the result and things will spiral from there.

-9 ( +3 / -12 )

it a lame story that a bus was "harassed". yet was uninjured.

I guess you think a bus is something Donald likes to "grab"....well, he did make that comment while on a bus...

Keep posting - and digging the hole's getting more laughs by the second...

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At this stage I know it probably doesn't really matter, but get your facts straight.

By this time, after 4 years of media extreme bias you should know better than just believe what one source tells you. Specially the Mass media ones.

Remember the Covington kids case? fabrications.

And so many others.

Don't you think is odd that exactly what you ALL wrote here in comments is what come conservtive people would think and say of most leftist people? Exact same words just changing the color from and to.

Now I don't KNOW the facts of THIS particular case, I read what this article say. I have to doubt it is the whole truth, if any truth in it. That is all I am saying.

And that just REACTING by name calling and such is not productive, nor benefiting to anyone, but to the divide.

So you have just contributed to the divide.

Because even if its true as told here, is a far strecth to call ALL of his supports such and such. There are nut heads and hecklers in both parties... or you woudl deny the Biden suports trashing of Trumps suports cars, or yard signs, or adult women stealing and stomping on your kids Maga hats?? Those things have happened too, and i doesn't mean all blue suporters are such truants.

Worry about you being moral, and keeping cool and being decent, tolerant (truly tolerant too ALL), being kind to all, truthful and honest. Stop thinking name calling and decrying and deriding "alleged" stuff online makes you any good or better that any.

Worry about your deeds and acts and words, how they reflect your true self.

Ask yourself would I do the things I decry in this article if I where in that position using whatever excuse?? Or would I act accordingly to what I would like the other side to act towards me??

That IS the real issue. SHOW and SAY HOW to be better. Don't just blurt out epithets and insults.


@JohnSmith & @Blacklabel -

Are you for real? How can you say such when rioters the world rond are always leftists?? Just see BLM and antifa?

You really think there won't be blue riots if Trump wins?

If Biden wins there would be red protests... but if fraud is belived it could delve into another thing, though.

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Wondering why there are no international observers to check if electionw not rigged and "democratic"?

In case of other "countries from list" like Syria,Belarus,Venezuela or Russia americans knows well in advance that elections there are not free and are rigged as soon as "their candidate" is not winner/Belarus as great last example/...and they want see international observers there...

UD presidential elections is joke from past and parody of democracy...and completely does not matter who will be declared as winner to be honest...

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In Russia, when you support someone not in power, you get poisoned with a nerve agent or tossed out a window...

In China, when you support someone not in power, the police take you away and you "disappear"...

In America since 2017 when you support someone not in power, you get threatened with kidnapping and execution on live TV....

Trump sure has learned from his two business partners...

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Nonsense. He's finished.

But he's warned that "bad things will happen" if he loses.

What will you be saying when he wins tomorrow?

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The one thing the left hates more than anything else is diversity of opinion.

you say that supporting a person who attacks / insults anybody who has an opinion different to his. oh please lol

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Yeah this isn't going to end nicely at all.

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The one thing the left hates more than anything else is diversity of opinion.

Attacking protesters, intimidating voters and harassing a bus load of people is not a diversity of opinion.

In a democracy people have the right to hold different views and to express those views in public.

How's that going in, say, Russia?

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Well, Trump supports terrorists and dictators, and terrorists and dictators support Trump, most notably white supremacists and these moronic "militia" groups. When Biden becomes president, I hope one of the first thing he does is start naming groups like "The Proud Boys" as terrorist groups and rightfully putting a stop to them. Trump supporters have proven they are no better than thugs, and will not respect democracy -- not one bit.

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But if the orange order loses then he will refuse to leave and Trump people on JT are not disputing this


I've mentioned 1933 before, but I wonder could it escalate into a Spanish Civil War scenario where brave people from all the world came to fight Franco.

For all our sakes, I hope not.

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If this vandalism is even genuine, it's stupid and a violation of private property rights - even of people I don't like.

But Democrats complaining about it are completely ignoring the mass violence by the crazier end of their support base against people and private property of people who disagree with them. And sometimes even against their supporters or people who don't want to be involved.

I just hope Trump wins this week. It'll be rough for a while, but his opponents will just have to live with the result like Republicans would just have to accept and live with the result if Biden wins. Otherwise America is finished.

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The goon squads attacking the campaign bus are the same morons who attend Trump’s super-spreader rallies. No surprises here.

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The results of the election will take time to declare. Won't be tomorrow. No winners until declared

Like last time, the result will be evident by the end of tomorrow.

-3 ( +3 / -6 )

trump's brown shirts are desperate and think intimidation will drive away the voters.

Not only will it encourage them to come in droves, it will help the average decent American make up their minds.

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Toasted HereticToday 11:53 am JST

I've mentioned 1933 before, but I wonder could it escalate into a Spanish Civil War scenario where brave people from all the world came to fight Franco.

For all our sakes, I hope not.

If that hppens, the exact same thing will happen today as back then: the Left will have it's ass handed to it on a plate.

Don't Tread On me.

-5 ( +2 / -7 )

then why are businesses in left run cities boarding up and why is Antifa DC (an "idea") having Zoom calls about "direct action"?

I said that ANTIFA are not bad people. They burned down my aunt's house in Portland and they apologized and settled. The ANTIFA president even reached out to my aunt and all is good now.

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Bill Maher said it best, there can be no civil war.

The left isnt good at war and the right isnt very civil, thats what he said.

So even leftists know their only hope is to misinform/distract enough people to win the vote.

Had a chance for enough fraud when it was going to be 100% mail in vote.

Now, no chance at all to have fraud at the needed level/scale for Biden to win.

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The proud boys were standing by for trump and are in active mode now.

These criminals will be out on the streets for the next few days and the only way to drive them out is to vote out their leader.

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