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Biden ends U.S. support for Yemen war; freezes troop redeployment in Germany

By Sebastian Smith and Shaun Tandon

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Biden ends U.S. support for Yemen war

Good. We don't work for the Saudis.

Freezes troop redeployment in Germany

Good. The only reason Trump did this was to stick it to Merkel personally. It wasn't going to change much in the end, but it's good to end the pettiness between us and our allies.

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Hey, competent governance based on reality, a set of morals and enlightened self-interest. Cool!

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Diplomacy is back.

Good news on diplomacy, but still NO MORE WARS.

The Trump administration defended support for the Saudis as a way to create US defense jobs

Among the most cynical of cynical policies - jobs for Americans, billions for the defense industry and their shareholders, but deaths and devastation abroad where the weapons are used. I'm sure the GoTrumperzz who railed against US support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen claiming their Trump would fix things must by now realize their Trump failed on that account, too.

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Biden the Warmonger eh?

Maybe he’ll get a Nobel nomination.

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Finally, foreign diplomatic and defense decisions being made based on our national interests rather than the personality quirks of a former reality TV host with the intellectual capacity of a two year old...

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The US under Trump was involved in several proxy wars, I hope this is the start of them coming to an end.

The war he capitalised on the most, was the one that he started in the US. That one is still being fought and that will be his most insidious legacy.

Biden has made the right choice. For now.

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