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Biden, McCarthy meet at White House on debt crisis worries


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OK Kevin, you admitted you have no plan....well here is what makes up the current FY 23 budget - what do you want to cut?

"Federal spending is budgeted at $5.79 trillion in FY 2023, and includes four major functions. Health care, principally Medicare and Medicaid, takes a 28 percent share; pensions, principally Social Security, take a 24 percent share; defense, including foreign policy, veterans, and foreign aid, is 20 percent of spending; welfare takes 8 percent of spending. All other spending, including interest on the national debt, takes 19 percent of federal spending."


You say Soc Sec and Medicare are "off the table", even though Repub Sen Rick Scott is recommending they be "sunsetted"....

Cut Defense? As Russia invades its neighbors and threatens NATO?

And how much interest are we paying for your 2018 UNFUNDED tax cut to the Top 1%?

Kevin better be prepared to be steamrolled - Mitch and Joe are teaming up to get a handful of responsible Repub House members to vote with all 212 Dems to raise the debt ceiling....

The Kook Caucus then goes spastic and "My Kevin" becomes "Bye Kevin"....

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Funny how nobody in the GQP gave a fig about deficit spending when Dotard ran up deficits exceeding the debts accumulated by the US in the previous 225 years of its existence COMBINED. WWI and WWII, the civil war, The war on terror, the financial crisis, all of it pales in comparison to Donald Debt Monster in 4 short years and that was before Covid.

Tax cuts for the rich in an economy at full employment? Sure, why not? That it is not only inflationary but created an asset bubble is beside the point.

But now, that their idiot is out of power, NOW we have to set things right by cutting spending for the poor and the elderly, or by cutting defense at a time when we face greater nation-state threats than at any time since the Cold War.

Of course we could defund the FBI. That would not only make an infinitesimal difference, but would also hamstring criminal investigations into GQP office holders and the Cultist in Chief. Double Score!

This is ludicrous.

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One-strike and he's out McCarthy.

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George Santos was not in attendance not mentioned in the article.

It was a joke.

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And also, Kevin doesn’t even know, or is unwilling to say what cuts he even wants, because to say so would be politically suicidal.

Social Security? That does not contribute a penny to the debt by law.

Medicare? Yeah, that’ll play with old people or anyone with an elderly relative.

Defense? The GQP becomes the party of national weakness?

And of course NEVER reverse the Dotard tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefit the top 1% or corporations (currently experiencing record profits).

Kevin has no plan. It’s just that simple.

Dotard was dumb enough to negotiate with himself. (So much for the world’s best negotiator.)

Joe is not.

So flail and cave. That’s where Kevin the hair is headed.

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Again, for those slow on the uptake, the debt limit (which is itself a silly idea but that’s a different topic) is not about future spending. It’s about paying past debts already incurred. By both parties.

It has nothing, NOTHING to do with future budgets. Claims of “we just want to get our house in order” are either intentionally misleading or are the sign of true ignorance.

Failing to pay our debts would make the financial crisis of 2008 look like a garden party by comparison. It would result in the following:

The loss of AAA credit rating resulting in higher interest rates for everyone and an increase in overall price levels. (That’s called inflation)

The end of the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency. (A gift to our adversaries.)

A likely depression. Certainly a severe recession.

And the party that forces it will own that and will be held responsible by voters for a generation and rightly so.

That party is the nut-job wing of the GQP.

In the end, one of 3 things is going to happen:

Kevin will cave.

The democrats will skim off 5+ GOP votes from the sanity caucus to join with their counterparts in the Senate to pass a clean debt limit raise.

Or the US will default on its full faith and credit, social security benefits will not be paid ( among other things) and that will be that for the GQP.

Kevin knows this. Joe knows this. Everyone with a functioning brain knows this.

The rest is Kabuki theater to the faux “news” base.

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The Repubes throw around the socialism claim when there is nothing even remotely resembling socialism in the US while ignoring, even abetting, a very real and much worse economic situation in the US, the high prevalence of monopoly and oligopoly in major consumer markets. Monopoly rents are sucking more out of the consumers pockets each year than any of this mystical non-existent socialism the Repubes love to blabber about..

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“Just ( ) days until Kevin stops Biden’s socialist agenda”

I suppose he has to come up with a plan first, and support, and tell somebody about that plan. But just you wait!

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George Santos was not in attendance not mentioned in the article.

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Kevin brought along George Santos....he wanted the guy that negotiated the end to Vietnam, the Iraq War, and is currently successfully heading negotiations with Ukraine and Russia to end their war...

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