Biden urges Modi not to step up Indian use of Russian oil


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Biden urges Modi not to step up Indian use of Russian oil

Glad to see Biden has his priorities straight.

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thats really strong.

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thats really strong.

What would you suggest instead? Threats? War?

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Russia is India’s strategic partner providing arms and energy. The US can lead by example by not buying oil from Russia.

The data shows there have been no deliveries of Russian oil to the US since January 2022, before the official ban on those imports.

To verify if a partner is unfaithful or not, you do not check on Instagram or Facebook for incriminating posts. You check the credit card statements and receipts of dinners and gifts. 

Checking such statistics website for data requires that the data is posted and posted accurately. 

The way to check is through banks and international transactions. 

The US has increased the purchase of Russian oil in March, the amount of oil imported from Russia in 2022 so far has been the total amounts of oil imported for whole year 2021.

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What would you suggest instead? Threats? War?


This is Joseph R. Biden, tough guy leader of the entire free world.

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yes, and also the US can stop buying Russian oil themselves to set an example.

Gotta get those gas prices down before the election, right?

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So, do you think Biden should have threatened Modi to rain hellfire down on India, following the lead Trump set with North Korea?

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So what has Biden done to benefit the people or the world?

just another example here, "urge" India to not do something that he himself is doing.

There is a word for that, right?

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He learnt it from Xi.

Seriously, is no one in the Whitehouse going to remind Joe that America is the peak nation representing Democracy and along with it, a freemarket?

Surely freemarket would dictates allies offers market driven alternatives to Russia's oil.

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This is Joseph R. Biden, tough guy leader of the entire free world.

The world's 'tough guy' is Putin, he's shown how many thousands of civilians he's willing to have his Russian forces slaughter, while he sits at a long table, eating caviar and sipping tea, safe and secure in the rear in the comfort seen in history with royalty of one of his palaces, with the luxury goods he's got selling his nation's resources. Putin is a he-man hero to internet tough guys, the leader of the extreme right around the globe, the far right cheer him on in their movements to see democracy undermined and replaced with some form of authoritarianism.

Russians with the ability to see what Putin and his fascists regime are doing to their country, and having the means to do so are fleeing their homeland, diasporas are forming in Istanbul and elsewhere. Young men are leaving, realizing they're in line to be the next Russian soldiers brought home in a body bag, or perhaps in an urn holding their cremains, which could be mixed with those of children cremated alongside them. The world is seeing fascists in Europe again, thanks to Putin. Are concentration camps outside Russia next. Or will Putin continue the Russian history of using places in Siberia.

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Biden urges?

There is better word for it.

Actually its not Bidens business where and for how much India will buy oil as long as he is not a president of India.

BRICS is walking away by own speed from USD trading and Bidens "urging" cant stop that.Its better to recognize reality of recent multipolar world and to find own place-correct one.

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The world is changing...

Many are no longer jumping to the beat of the US drum.

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US urges India not to buy Russian oil. In return for what?

US foreign policy duplicity in this part of the world is well known. India has been urging US not to sell arms to Pakistan for 6 decades.

India should step up it's purchases of Russian oil and not back down in front of American threats. The erstwhile Soviet Union stood up for India when it was spurned by the West, so now is the time for India to stand up for Russia.

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Or else what? Are they going to send a letter to the Indian opposition and tell them that they need to get rid of Modi? I wouldn't put it past them since they did the same to Imran Khan. The fact is, the Global South like China, India, Pakistan, Iran, etc are putting the needs of their own country and people before the needs of the USA, which is more than I can say about Europe and Japan. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. While we have people like Boris Johnson swanning off to Ukraine, pledging more and more money for support of the war, in addition to having cabinet members whose families are tax-dodgers and they themselves are green card holders, many Brits are struggling with rising prices.

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BRICS is walking away by own speed

It might well be that a Bolsonaro, Putin, Modi, Xi led consortium could form a new imperium, but given how each individual leader is an ultra-nationalist and runs his own authoritarian regime each leaning close to fascism, and none seems to be the least concerned about further environmental degradation of the planet, it's hard for me to see they could get along with each other, and how their new world order could be much of an improvement. And three of the four are anti-Muslim, meaning roughly 25% of the world's population could be in even greater danger.

Sounds like a good scenario for defense industries, just more of the same-old, same-old, with even worse air pollution and even more corruption.

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I feel like the US really overstepped themselves on this one. They are acting like they expected everyone to fall in line with their proxy war, and are just stunned so many powerful countries aren't. Now they are scrambling to try to salvage the situation after the fact.

Even if the US was deadset on this conflict, a wiser leader would have worked out deals with India, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and other countries BEFORE everything started. Not coming to them with hat in hand afterwards.

US is gonna have to offer pretty favorable terms to India to get something to stick, and even then I think Modi would think twice before accepting that poisoned apple. They have far more lucrative and reliable partners to turn to.

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Even if the US was deadset on this conflict, a wiser leader would have worked out deals with India, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and other countries BEFORE everything started. Not coming to them with hat in hand afterwards.

Exactly. Look before you leap. No long term plans. Just incessant in fighting.

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India Plans $2 Billion More Of Exports To Sanctions-Hit Russia: Report. Good job India.

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