Biden promises U.S. mayors he will be a partner in the White House


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This is one message of Biden’s I can believe. He’s demonstrated his cooperation with these mayors over the summer during the “unrest”. So yeah, I believe him on this one.

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A partner to only the left-minded mayors.

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He should’ve said “believe me, mark my words” first and come up with a snappy chant.

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A partner to only the left-minded mayors.


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A partner to only the left-minded mayors.


“I have a totally imagined idea with no evidence or basis in reality”

“Me too!”

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Ask him the names of 10 mayors and the names of their cities. That would be funny.

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Biden needs to step out of his comfort zone and become a partner with the American people instead of cozying up to plutocrats and Wall St., the career pattern of other typical, tired, old establishment politicians, like the Clintons, that has cost the Dems dearly: the loyalty of their blue-collar base which, in its hopeless despair, has fallen under the snake-oil spell of Amerika's own fake face-tanned "Caligari". To win back America's working class Biden needs to recruit a fresh, younger generation to lead the party with new ideas. After establishing a blue-print for a "New Morning in America", Biden should quickly step aside and allow KH to take over. The question mark still hovers over her, however: how long will she continue to be beholden to the corporate interests that have paved her way to the top of the ladder?

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Finally, someone who gets it... Ever read Chris Hedges?

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