Biden says he won't run for president in 2016


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Pity. Means Clinton is the Democrat.

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So I guess we can all be sure the FBI won't find anything on Hillary now. GOP better find a better candidate than a reality show host with bad hair or get ready for another Clinton presidency, and they probably also get the Senate. After that, with a few Supreme Court appointments, America is gone.

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Maybe he saw the SNL skit and realized he had no chance.

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She will be cut to pieces in a nominee debate! Sanders had a chance to torpedo her yet chose to pander to her and it seemed planned as Hillary was pematurly jubilant at the moment as if she knew the end of the statement.

Good for Biden, the run would not be worth the effort. I do feel sorry for his loss of a son and the rumored dying wish of his don for Joe to run. It must be difficult for him to make the announcement. As is above, I suspect the party wants Clinton all in and made it known.

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God bless you Joe Biden. You will leave office with dignity and a job well done. Thank you.

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Since Joe decided to float "Hey-i'm-the-guy-who-can-do-bipartisanshp" I'm feeling pretty meh on him.

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She will be cut to pieces in a nominee debate! Sanders had a chance to torpedo her yet chose to pander to her and it seemed planned as Hillary was pematurly jubilant at the moment as if she knew the end of the statement.

Sorry, but Hillary has twice the balls that Sanders has. I watched Sanders being interviewed by Bill Maher last week, and Bill Maher cut Sanders to pieces with only two or three statements (and Maher is a supporter). It was disheartening to watch, as it shows that Sanders is like most people in Washington, all words and no substance.

Sanders is not going to be the nominee, and he knows it. He is not running because he wants to be president, he is running because even though his campaign is futile, he can still raise at least one hundred million dollars in campaign contributions. This money will pay off a lot of friends, relatives, and business associates. And Sanders is not the only one pulling this stunt, most the candidates in both parties are doing the same. A strong presidential campaign can generate more graft and kickback opportunities than actually winning the election. Only in America can losing an election be more profitable than winning.

If you want to see a debate where someone is cut to pieces, wait for a debate between Trump and Hillary. I doubt the person doing the cutting will be Hillary, though she will put up a formidable fight. Laugh as you like about Trump, but he is the ultimate alpha type, he always lands on his feet. Hillary is a similar type of person, and both come from cutthroat backgrounds. If it comes to a debate between these two, it will really be something worth watching.

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I can't think of any other country on earth which wastes so much time and money on elections. The presidential election basically starts as soon as the previous one, four years back, finishes. A few months, like in most countries, is more than enough.

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He may change his mind yet. I don't know what this "out of time" business is, but there is a whole year left.

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Extremely well stated, CrazyJoe !

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I couldn't disagree with you more about Sanders. I saw the interview with Bill Maher, and I don't think he got cut to pieces. He was asked tough questions, and he gave honest sensible answers. Bill was a bit dismissive of him, but he gets like that sometimes when guests don't get his jokes. And that might be Sanders's one weak point. He comes off as a bit too serious and curmudgeonly sometimes. That's part of his charm, but he could stand to soften his image just a little.


Sanders was right about the emails. Like Benghazi, ACORN, Monica Lewinsky, and all the other so called scandals, it's mainly a Republican hatchet job. I'm not saying they're all non-issues, but millions of tax dollars are wasted on prolonged investigations that prove nothing more than what we already knew.

If Sanders is going to torpedo Clinton, it would be about fund raising. All his money comes from grass-roots minimum donations while hers comes from Wall Street and more traditional sources. He probably won't go after her too hard though because he's too much of a gentleman and knows that if you want to beat your opponents, sometimes you have to play by their rules. Nobody spends money on campaigns like the Republicans.

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There was talks about decision to attack something ( Bin Laden? Obama said Biden supported Biden said he opposed/ Rhen eumor that WH used her private eMail to get info

@pukey2 election money spending in USA --- country do not spend. campaign donation. Some candidates are hoping Adelson give him $ 100 million. Rubio is anti Jew and anti Cuba. Adelson is Jew. Rubio has been pestering Vegas Jewish casino tycoons. for donation

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Love the guy, and I thank him for his service. Too bad the stars never aligned - he would have made an excellent president. At this point, if you've never seen The Onion's parodies of the gentleman, you should:

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I am Joe's complete lack of surprise.

He is Joe's complete lack of enthusiasm.

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voters have such short-term memories. biden is one of the most gaffe prone politicians, and this is the major reason why his previous two attempts at the nomination went down in flames. at least as VP, he can do little harm.

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Thanks Laguna. It's hard to believe it's a parody :)

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Uncle Joe may be crazy, but he ain't stupid.

No democrat candidate -- including himself -- can disconnect from Obama's foreign and domestic policy blunders. All those running have rubber stamped everything Obama asked for and are still in full partisan support regardless of the results.

Mrs. Bill Clinton's chances may well depend on whatever executive orders Obama can come up; including a presidential pardon.

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As I mentioned a couple days ago, he was likely too late. Even if he runs now, he'll be 3rd place in the polls, well behind Hillary, and even behind Sanders. He won't be able to raise enough campaign donation money to sustain a formidable campaign, and won't have enough time to establish campaign organizations on the ground for the upcoming state primaries.

His best chance was when Hillary's support was waning due to her email controversy. But not after the first Democratic debate when Hillary did well and got her groove back. If Hillary did poorly, he might've still a chance.

Trump would prefer to run against Hillary since his deficit in the polls against Biden is greater than against Hillary.

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Joey Plugs may be out for real. On the other hand, if he has inside information that Mrs. Bill Clinton is going to be indicted, then why run now and waste time and money competing with the her, when he can be "selected" to take her place once she is gone.

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You can't blame him. Americans treat their president like bovine manure.

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A collective sigh of relief heard round the world !

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With Biden out of the picture, as it stands right now, the democrats will have to decide between an old, white self-avowed socialist, and an old, white corrupt lying dolt who couldn't even get her party's nomination eight years ago. . . .

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Y'know, Ronald Reagan also couldn't even get his party's nomination 4 years before his successful presidential campaign, so previously losing a nomination campaign doesn't prevent later winning the presidential.

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With Uncle Joe taking a pass, the democrats seem intent (or, rather stuck with) on giving Mrs. Bill Clinton her turn without any real competition. Those types of candidates never win: Humphrey, Mondale, Gore, Kerry, to name a few.

Also, when was the last time that either party won at least three straight presidential elections? It was republicans in 1988 with George H.W. Bush. The last time the democrats did it was way back in 1948. That's not changing any time soon . . . .

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'With Biden out of the picture, as it stands right now, the democrats will have to decide between an old, white self-avowed socialist, and an old, white corrupt lying dolt who couldn't even get her party's nomination eight years ago. . . .'

You could be on to something there. Selecting a loser probably isn't a good idea. Just look at Reagan. That airhead loser failed to win his party's nomination twice.

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"Biden notably did not endorse a candidate in the Democratic race."

Hillary must be pissed.

"Sanders is drawing big crowds and contributions, but he’s seen as unelectable by some Democrats."

But don't the Democrats automatically have California, New York, Pennsylvania and a bunch of other Blue states locked up no matter who the nominee is?

"Trump praised Biden and took a poke at Clinton in a single tweet: “I think Joe Biden made correct decision for him & his family. Personally, I would rather run against Hillary because her record is so bad.”

Would that include her vote for the Iraq war?

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tortured indecision

Not really.

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Laguna's link Choice parody quote:

"Taking advantage of the warm spring weather Monday, Vice President Joe Biden parked his 1981 Trans Am in the White House driveway, removed his undershirt, and spent a leisurely afternoon washing the muscle car and drinking beer.

'This baby just needs a little scrub down,' said Biden, addressing a tour group as he tucked the sweat-covered top into the belt loop of his cutoff jean shorts.

'Gotta get her looking good so I can impress the chicks when I'm cruising down Pennsylvania [Avenue].' White House aides said that Biden pulled into the driveway shortly before noon, the chorus of Night Ranger's '(You Can Still) Rock In America' blaring from his car's stereo."

Joe Biden, the ultimate outlaw.

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