Biden says his advisers will lead with 'science and truth'


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Biden says his advisers will lead with 'science and truth'

That's great news! Hopefully the roughly 35% of American 'fundamentalists', i.e. those who disbelieve science and instead trust what some wack quack has posted on 8chan, those who believe a deranged 'leader' who suggests injecting disinfectant to treat Covid, who believe there are shape-shifting alien reptiles among us will remain a minority.

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It will be nice to have rational people in positions of power again instead of people who make knee-jerk decisions based purely on emotion.

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How refreshing it will be to have competence and integrity in our public servants.

Remember when Cabinet secretaries were experts in their field and were dedicated to their department’s basic mission? It will be nice to have again, won’t it?

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This is simply "normal".

The last 4 years have been "abnormal".

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Biden says his advisers will lead with 'science and truth'

Republicans run for their dictionaries.

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Thank goodness....

We're tired of listening to the kooks, quacks and delusionists of the past four years who think Clorox is medicinal, that Alien DNA makes better drugs, and that "Lizard's are everywhere"....

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